Please give your feedback and tips to improve my store

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Hi All,

I just launched and would like to ask for some constructive feedback and insights to improve my store Thank you! 


Dear JoyC,


Congratulations for your store!


Hope following suggestions will help you.


  • Open Social profiles at new tab
  • Hero banner can be better
  • Add Bestseller products at home page
  • Add Sticky Buy now or add a cart button , Sticky cart - A sticky cart icon or sticky checkout bar reduces cart abandonment and engages the customer in your store.
  • Add Promotional banner on collection page - You can show images of featured, bestseller or popular products on the collection page banner. Example of Good Collection Page
  • Product page layout needs to improve. Example of Ideal Product Page 
  • Do Cart Page Modification : discount code , Gift wrapping , additional cart notes , delivery date picker, i agree with terms and conditions, trust badges, etc. - Personalize your customer's shopping experience with these features on your cart page.
  • Index all your products at Google and Do some on page SEO
Best Regards
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Thank you so much! I will do my best to incorporate your suggestions into my store.


Hi @JoyC ,

I’m Richard from PageFly. I took a look at your store and have some comments on your home page and collection page. May it help!


1. Make the banner full width

The banner is very important because it affects the first user experience. I'd advise you to make it full width. It makes your page more professional. The banner image quality is low. You should change to a more high-quailty image.


 I notice that there is a white space between the header and the banner. Please reach out theme developer to ask a CSS code to remove it.


 2. Make your CTA button clear

Your button is now faint and hard to see because of it blends with the banner. You should choose other background color for the button such as green to make it stand out from the banner.


3. Make a sticky header.

Sticky header helps customers easily access to any page on your store, specifically your catalogs, although they scroll down or up on your page. Customers can also quickly reach the Search field to find products with a sticky banner.



Your collection page is so great. I just need to give  you 2 small comments to make it more amazing.

1. Use Load More instead of Pagination

 With Pagination, customers can not see all products in one page. They can only see products on eeach page and when they want to see the previous products, they have to click to go back. This takes up their time.

With Load More, customers only need scroll down and up to see all products in one page. This makes they feel comfortable and convient.

 In the future, you will have more products and Load More will prove its advatage.


2. Add a secondary hover image

A secondary hover image help customers see your products in other view point. If they feel attractive enough, they will click to go to your products page to find more product information.


There are so many tips that help you make your pages more amazing. Please refer to this article if you want to learn about personalizing your page.

If you find my comments helpful, you can like or mark it as a solution Have a nice day and stay safe!

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Thank you so much for your feedback. Can you recheck my store if it looks better and optimized now? I have not done the Load More yet though. Thanks again and please let me know.

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Hello @JoyC 

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You are commenting at the wrong store. This is not a clothing store.