Please help I haven't made sales, is my business concept bad??

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I Opend my store 4 days ago ( . The name is Cheap Thrills we are aiming to offer trendy products at affordable prices with free shipping.

I build the site myself and I get lots of positive feedback on it. My instagram is becoming more and more popular. I am doing mostly carousel ads with fb and little bit of google ad words. I also implemented an ambassador program for our brand (similar to affiliate marketing) which get good responses.

My most popular products are hangout bag, this is the product I want to push the most especially in Europe. I want to know what to expect, I am spending on average 15-20 dollars a day on my fb ads. 

I haven't got a sale yet in since being launched 3 days ago and only 2 cart checkouts but many people scroll through my site. 

Is there anything else I can do to improve sales or am I doing something wrong. I would like to know if I am on the right track.

I really appreciate the feedback

Sebastien cheap thrills 

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Hey, Sebastien!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. :) 

I actually think the site is set up very well! It's not too often that I don't have anything that jumps out at me as a conversion killer. How are you targeting potential customers through your Facebook ads? We've got a great guide that outlines how to find the right audience here

On that note, typically when you have a lot of visitors but not a lot of purchases, you're not attracting converting traffic. Take a look at this guide to creating high quality visitors. 

Product reviews, product videos, live chat and a FAQ section are all proven ways to up your conversions, too! Check out how to implement those options here

Finally, I would recommend adding a blog to help your SEO. Shopify was built with SEO in mind, so aside from the blog, you can implement these options to help get to the top of the search results

Let me know if you've got any further questions. I'm here to help!

Savannah | Shopify Guru

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Hi Sebastien,

Your website is on it's way, and looks nice :-)

I didn't see where you actually mention where you are located? In the States?

Websites aren't a "if you build it, they will come" type of thing, so 4 days is NOTHING...unless you managed to amass a huge following before you launched.


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