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Hello! I run a store at


To me this store looks great, I've worked on it for months now, yet I only have 4 sales in total. I feel like I have really tried everything I can at this point, I'm sure there's more to try and that's why I'm writing this article. I would love some feedback on my store because my conversion rate is just so low (less than 1%). I've even tried offering a free product recently without shipping fees included so I make a small amount in shipping but it's very little and even this has seemed to fail. I run lots of different Facebook ads, I think I have spent ~$400-900 just trying everything possible to run this business and testing many different ads. I'm not opposed to testing more however despite losing and being in the negative for as long as I have been. I can get tons of traffic and link clicks but nobody seems to be making any purchases and I just can't figure out why that could possibly be. Any help is extremely appreciated. Thank you all in advance if anyone gets back to me.

Again my store is



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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've taken a look at your store and you've done some great work so far. I have a few points I would like to raise for you to think about. 


I'll start by asking a few questions first, so I can get a good idea about what you are trying to achieve with your business and your brand. Who is your target market? Who is going to buy your product? Have you changed products often? Have you compared the prices of similar products to be found online? Are your products and their pricing competitive? 


I have some feedback about the site itself, in terms of design and layout that you can consider: 


1) The landing page hosts only one product and doesn't offer enough choice for your customer. In fact, the store itself doesn't have enough product in your chosen niche. 


2) There is no mission statement on your landing page. I have no idea what you're selling or what your brand represents. You could add sections detailing what business you are, and what problem you are solving for your customers.


3) The newsletter signup should be moved lower in the page, as it's taking up vitally important real estate where it is right now. 


4) You should create an About Us page, giving a lot of insight into who you are and why you sell what you sell.


When you mentioned that you did some marketing, what behaviors and interests did you identify in your marketing personas? If you haven't created marketing personas before, they are great at really narrowing down the scope of who your potential customers are, and you can read more about this common business preparation here

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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I just had look into your website, It's looking good.
Your variants options are too lengthy, You can use drop-down option under products variants like colour option check this image
And gallery images are also not in equal dimensions modify it then looks good.
You can use open new tab on the links on the footer section and items on grid page, then customers are spent more time on your store.
And You can Implement Testimonials, Testimonials are key to building trust online, especially if you’re selling a product or service. When you have a happy customer or reader, consider asking them to give you a testimonial. Then feature a few of them prominently on your sales page.
And you have to create your store blog, Your blog gives you the chance to make applicable substance for your clients. Utilize this as an advertising strategy to drive activity back to your site.

If you want to increase your store conversion rate you can promote your products regularly on Facebook page and Instagram.

In Facebook Marketing
Optimize Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo of your company logo with high resolustion.
Fill Out Your Facebook Bio.
Set a Consistent Posting Schedule.
Schedule Your Posts at the Optimum Time.
Use Video To Attract Your Audience and Target The Right Audience Using Facebook's In-App Targeting Features.
Instagram Marketing
Instagram business profiles allow your team to optimize your profile, add contact information and your website into the bio section making it much easier for your audience to interact and connect with you.
Keep your Instagram profile uniform by keeping your photos within one color scheme. And Use #tags, Hashtags are a big part of Instagram's posts because it allows photos and video content to become searchable on the channel.
And i suggest you can use Instagram Stories To Stand Out In The App.