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This is my first time launching an e-commerce site!

Appreciate if you can help me in reviewing my site. 

Looking forward to your comment.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Ivan!

Upon first visiting your site I found your site very easy to navigate, not overly cluttered and all round it was an very easy, quick process to get to your checkout pages. In this day and age customers like simplicity, and if a site is overly complicated to navigate or it is excessively populated with content it makes it less likely that a customer will proceed with an order, which is not the case with your store in my opinion.

I like your quirky and fun product descriptions and "About Us" page. Your use of product reviews on your product pages was als a nice touch, one that customers also appreciate. Your clear, yet comprehensive store policy pages are an important addition to help build customer trust and make it all the more likely that a customer will proceed to the checkout pages as customers like to know where they stand as regards refunds and returns before they decide on whether or not to complete an order.

You really do have the fundamentals nailed down! One minor observation I do have is that you banner image on your homepage is slightly blurry so adding a more high-def image there is something worth exploring.

Hope this helps!

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