Please need feedback on my jewelry site and what to do else

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Hi all,

my site is : 

it online now more than 8 month and no sales at all and maybe one or two subsecriber, i start view facebook ads and google and done some things and in some days i got many visitor but no sales, also i can see most of the visitor not even stay at the site one mn, i done many discound code , start now mailbot email. but nothing change.also am start to make advertising plan and newletter around the year but still not sure about it and searching the best way. i done some SEO work .

any good feedback can help or any advice what to do else, maybe the feeling of the site or navigation, i dont know.

Advice please.


Many Thanks

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Yes, IMHO the overall experience of the site is substandard for the product that you are selling.To be honest, there are a lot of CAPS (text and product titles) mixed with great images. Footer is the only section that is uncluttered and easy to use. Choosing a different font for titles (and its weight) might make a big difference.

The top navigation is out of place and your tagline is very subtle (Finest Dimond & Gold Jewelry / Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewelry). And this product form looks annoying too.

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