Please please give me feedback on my store!

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This is my first drop shipping store. I have never been in eCommerce before.

I am getting around 100 visitors every day through facebook and instagram ads for the last 2 months but haven't got any sales yet.

Please let me know all the things which could be responsible for me not hitting my first sale yet.

I am selling motorcycle riding products on my store.


Thanks in advance.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @steve_robinson2


Emma here from Shopify. Welcome to the community, and thank-you for sharing your store with us. You’ve done a great job so far! I've taken some time to go over your site and will include some feedback and resources for you below:


Menu/Site Navigation


My first thought for feedback when reviewing your site is that the menu seems off. It doesn’t quite fit on the home page, and is crowded with too many options, which could overwhelm shoppers and make the site difficult to navigate. Could this be condensed at all? Maybe, similar to how you have it organized in collections further down the page. So, Protection > Helmets/Gloves/Protective Gear, Utility > Riding Accessories/Googles/Saddle Bags etc.


Product Titles/Descriptions


Next, it looks like your product titles and descriptions were imported from AliExpress or Oberlo, with little modification. The pre-generated titles and descriptions do offer some useful keywords, but it’s important to change them up and make them your own. Take this mobile phone holder as an example:




This doesn’t sound like something anyone would say (or search for). In this case you could look at changing it to something like:

"6 inch Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder". 


Next, I’d recommend removing the brand "Turata" from the title (as well as removing the brand(s) from all other titles, descriptions and images on your site) The reason being, if a customer were to do a quick search on Google for the brand "Turata" they would be lead directly to AliExpress where they can purchase the product for much cheaper.


I've included a couple of great articles to help with polishing up those product titles and descriptions below:



Value Proposition


What motivates people to choose you, and your products over the hundreds of alternatives? What makes your company, and your products, better than the rest? Your value proposition.


A value proposition is the value you promise to deliver to your customers post-purchase. It’s ultimately what makes your product attractive to customers.

You've done a good job of this here in the "why buy from us” section on your home page, but it could be slightly more focused and definitely highlighted better on the website so that it's easier to see.



Social Media


You've included links to your Facebook and Instagram pages in the footer of your site which is a really great idea and helps to build trust. I noticed, however, that when I clicked on the links I was redirected to the respective pages. I personally always recommend setting it up so that any external links on your site will open in another browser window. That way your customers aren’t redirected and are less likely to leave your store!


You can do this by following the instructions here.




Lastly, I noticed that you haven’t added a favicon to your site yet. A favicon is a small image that represents your website. Favicons are most often found in the address bar of your web browser, but they can also be used in lists of bookmarks. Well-designed favicons are styled to match the logo or theme of your website, that way users have a quick and easy way to recognize your website at a glance.


It's a small detail, but it makes a difference! I'd recommend checking out our guide for adding a favicon to your store to create your own custom favicon. 


I hope you've found this information helpful. I know it's a lot and can feel overwhelming but you're off to a great start and we are here to support you along the way. If there is anything else we can help you with please don't hesitate to reach out anytime. Keep up the great work!


All the best, 

Emma | Shopify Social Care 


-Emma- | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @steve_robinson2,


This is Brian from Magnet Audit.


I took a quick look at your site and, in addition to Emma's comments above, identified a few areas you might want to focus on in your next round of updates:


1. Dropdown menus aren't working, beyond the complexity issue Emma noted, I was unable to get a response when clicking on any of the links (Leather Jackets > Men's).


2. The giant PayPal banner at the bottom is unusual and probably off-putting to some customers.


3. Most shoppers are going to suspect that these items are being drop-shipped, which brings up an authenticity issue with the claims of 'inspecting each item for quality'. If customers suspect you're not being authentic or honest with them, they'll become fearful and leave.


Those are all based on the desktop view, I didn't look at mobile, which is perhaps more important at this stage in the game...a full audit would turn up additional areas to focus on, if you get through with the above and would like to try a full audit, you can message me directly or visit our website to learn more.


All the Best,



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Hello @-Emma-,


Thank you so much for taking the time out and going through my store. I went through all the points you pointed out and have already started working on them. Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. 3 cheers to you and Shopify.


Thanks and regards,

Steve Robinson.

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Hi @MagnetAudit,


Thank you so much for taking the time out to go over my store and pointing out those details. I really appreciate it and have already started working on them.

I would be interested for a full audit in the stages to come, but as of now I am going to complete my store first.


Thanks a ton,

Steve Robinson.

Hi Steve,


The first thing that I noticed when I landed on your homepage is that the page is very long. I would suggest featuring at most 2 collections on the homepage so a visitor doesn’t have to scroll down so much to view the entire page. And I won’t suggest crowding the homepage with all the information you have on there, such as the Contact Us banner, since you have Contact on the main menu and the footer of the site anyway.


I noticed the About Us links back to the homepage. I would suggest that you work on your About Us page. It’s a great way to tell your story, how you came up with your brand, and what makes you different from other stores selling the same items. If you are able to establish that you love motorbikes as much as your potential customers, they can relate to you more and will most likely support you like a local business, even though you sell worldwide.


On the footer, in the Contact Us section, you included an email address and a phone number. I would suggest including these on the Contact us page as well.


You may be able to find some helpful tips from this blog post:


Good luck!

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No problem, very glad to help.


Yes ideally you get it as far as possible on your own and then schedule an audit once you've run out of ideas to improve thing and we can dig up a new layer for you! :)



Magnet Audit - Ecommerce Website Auditors

Hi @steve_robinson2,


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Hello Guys I need some help I have a WordPress website and want to know can I convert into Shopify please help me about it if yes then how here is my website