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Hi All! My name is Stephanie and my store is Click here.

I seriously need some help on how to market my store. I've spent many hours reading and reading about SEO. I taught myself how to code and I’ve been working on the layout & design. I’m on my computer 9 plus hours a day trying to follow “Google Golden Rules”!

I've come to the conclusion that you need to spend thousands of dollars to make money. I advertise on FB & Pinterest, but I feel like I’m wasting money. I’m tired of begging influencers and bloggers to view my products. I'm so frustrated b/c I have a warehouse full of products & a lot of overhead. I’ve had my store for almost two years and within that time I've had less than 20 sales. I sold on Amazon and Ebay for many years; I know there’s a market for my jewelry.


I don't know what else to do. I feel defeated.


Thank you for listening to my rant. Please provide any marketing ideas. Thank you for your time :)

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