Please provide feedback for my new store

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Hello Shopify community

I have recently opened my store

I would like you to have a look at my store and let me know what do you think about it. Every positive or negative feedback are welcome.

I am new at e-commerce and would really appreciate any tips or advises.

Thank you.



Here is my suggestion for your store: 

- Add FAQs page

- Connect with social channels: Instagram and Facebook

- Add more reviews on your product page

Besides, this is a new store so you need more traffic. There are a few ways to drive more traffic to your store:


- Social AdWords

- Affiliate Marketing

- Partnership or Guest Blog

Then, when you have more visitors, you can try to run Push notification to remind your customers about their items in the cart and encourage them to come back to finish the cart. Besides, you can try exit-intent Popup a try to promote your items, which will keep your visitors stay longer and motivate them to make purchases.

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Hi @IPureonline welcome to Shopify family

I hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share,

1. I really like the awareness video that comes in at the end of the homepage before the footer section A bit of addition of content would make it look more lively.
2. Engage the audience by writing a blog, getting out articles, and having fresh content once in two weeks will allow you to drive traffic, help in starting conversations and build credibility.
3. Bigger images in your catalouge view product list with bigger images and hidden description can increase sales and will add brand value to your products. Ensure that every product has large images in the product view that zoom to fill the browser window.
4. Create social media accounts across all the digital media platforms and promote your content and digital media is the new normal and will help you to reach out masses. While clicking on your social plugins, it's opening on the same page. I would suggest that this opens up at a new tab so that your customers still remain on your website.
5. Ask your customers to rate your products as this will help build trust and loyalty for the brand.
6. You need to create urgency and social proof on your store for that adding visually attractive stickers like a number to products left, upcoming sales, In trend will grab the attention and excite the customer.

I hope this helps!


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Hello Emma,

Thank you so much for your suggestion.

I will make sure I look into it and implement each of them.

Best wishes,
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Hello Droppersstop,

Thank you so much for your message and suggestions provided.

I will make sure I look into it and implement them.

Kind regards,



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Hello Munawar,

Thank you so much for taking the time to check my store and give me feedback.

All the points that you have mention are very interesting and will for sure help me! I will make sure I implement all of them.

Thanks again.


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I was wondering if you would give me some quick feedback for my store if I left you feedback here? Mine is You can reply to this or shoot me an email:

Your store looks good. I think you may want to consider what happens when the pandemic is over? When that happens, you could sell general health related items or hygiene related products. 

I love the scrolling announcement bar at the top, well done. The changing product photos are really cool as well. I think the video is great as well. I kind of think you should move it up on the page? It's more of an introduction to who you are and what you do and I felt like I wanted to see that earlier. At the bottom it kind of feels like an afterthought. Or maybe you could put it side-by-side with the information.  

Under collections, I didn't know what luxaven is? So I was hesitant to click on it. I'm actually still unsure what that is. Maybe a better descriptor because the thought I had was, "I'm not sure if this applies to me?" 

Can I ask how you got your logo in the upper right of all the pictures? That's really cool. 

Hope that helps!


I have looked at your store and would like to give you some suggestions:

  1. Add a blog page that helps you share more about your products and increase your site visibility
  2. Add SEO related high search keywords in your title and product description to be higher rank on Google Search
  3. Include the feature of multi-language and multi currency to better serve worldwide customers
  4. Add more shipping and payment information including email, address, shipping fee (high/low/free), etc. and diversify them
  5. Diversify Thank you note, send email/make a call to nofify and give them thanks
  6. Install a push notification app that helps you recover abandoned carts and improve conversion rate. A good app is Ecomfit (For more about push notification app, you may visit here and follow these steps ).

Anyway, you have done a good job with your store, try to optimize it with my suggestions.

Hope this helps!






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Hello Edwarden,

Thank you so much for taking time to review my online store and giving me feedback and suggestions!

I am actually looking for a blogger suitable to write my website's blog.

Could you please give me advises on how to find high search keywords to add SEO?

I will make sure I implement all your suggestions.

Thanks again.

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Hello ChanceryLane,

Thank you so much for taking time to review my website and providing me with feedback and suggestions. I will make sure I implement all of them.

I don't know if I am the best person to give you feedback as I have just started. However I had a look at your website and I love it. It looks really cool and professional at the same time, it is well organised and you have lot of features. Can I ask how did you manage to implement the multi-language and currency features? I would really need it! 

I've got my pictures done by a professional, he is the one that did the editing and added the logo on the pictures (I supposed he has used Photoshop).

Thanks again.