Please provide feedback on my store. Don't know if my ideas are 'sticky' enough or just meh?

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Spent several years designing and refining this apparel collection. Have sold in other stores but putting up my own site for the first time in years. And the markets are really saturated out there! At this point I don't know how to get past the 'noise'. Or maybe the product isn't 'enough' or the price point is 'too much'? So many variables for this e-commerce noob. Please provide any feedback.





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Hi @stickitwear 


Trust you are doing good. Website is really good products are good too. really. The graphics uploaded are good.


Below are few suggestions


1. When go to product listing page example below - and i click on any product it opens in dropdown, instead of opening in dropdown take the user to product details page directly. As currently when the drop down opens when people click on more details then they go to product details page.


2. Also if you have any promo like free shipping etc - then utilize the promo area in shopify across all the pages place the promo message.


3. Product details page place size guide and will the apparel shrink after wash ? also please mention wash instructions if any. remove social share icons.

example -


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Generally in retail, 80% of your revenue is going to come from 20% or 30% of your stock. What's your 20%? Maybe slim down your store to your best of the best products. That will help you focus on what sells and people want to buy. I have worked on ASOS, Jack Wills and with startup ecom brands in the USA...this is were my experience comes from.


  1. Sizing guide is needed on each product page. This will help people make sure they buy the right size

  2. You don't offer returns or exchanges on some products I looked at, which is going to scare off people. This is the exact opposite of everyone else. At least offer store credit I would say

  3. Your homepage image would suggest a graffiti style or something. I don't think it works. Also carousels kills conversion rates. No body is going to wait to see 3 or 4 images go by on your homepage

  4. Your logo is hard to read and doesn't blend into the site. I would tweak it so it does not stand out as harshly

  5. Once you get customer reviews... display it on product pages. Start to ask for reviews as you get customers online but maybe even ask for past customers from popups or something to leave reviews.

  6. Some of your product images have models with shadows in the background. If you are going for the indie, less professional look then this is fine. Otherwise, you need to be more consistent with product images.

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