Please provide feedback on my store

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Hi Munawar,

Thanks very much for your kind message and esteemed advice. I've reviewed your post and agree with all your points, which we plan to address as follows:

1. We will place a banner stating clearly the conditions under which shipping will be free.

2. We are working on productign a short gif video highlighting our collection.

3. Will try to overhaul our product page to include more visual cues of our products.

4. Will read theme support documents to increase image size, since I see no option in the customization part of the theme.

5. Definitely will work on emphasizing customer interaction through all of the suggestions in this point.

6. Cool product badges! Will add to our site.

Thanks very much for all your guidance!

Best regards,


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It's my pleasure. Glad to hear that you found our app impressive. Looking forward to see you onboard :)


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Fun store! A few suggestions:

1. If you get a free tool like Hotjar, set up some heatmaps to see what people are doing on your site and how far they are scrolling down.

2. Do you have an email capture? I would retarget the emails I collect.

3. I would add some brand building elements on the homepage. Add some text about your story and why you are different from your competitors. You can display your products right under it :)

Hope this helps! AdRoll is currently offering a 90 day free trial for our growth plan. Check us out:

Nicholas Bennett
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