Please provide store feedback for this new item we've designed and make

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Hello everybody,


Your feedback on our store would be greatly appreciated on how we can convert the several hundred sessions into sales. We haven't had our first sale yet. even though we've exceeded the threshold for the number of sessions identified by Shopify. We are selling a new product that we've designed, and make, which could be factor.  Most of our sessions are from Canada and US.

I've provided the "view your store' link here, as well as our website link. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback!




Hi @Sharolyn 


Selling items online for less then $50 is some what easier then high ticket items. You really need to build trust and a connection and have a website that feels good to visit and gives a good vibe. I would build a custom built landing page for your Mobile living wall. This will help with converting into sales. 


I'd also add some low ticket items if you can to your website. If you can make a few sales on low ticket items this will make you feel good and build some momentum to crush it online. 


Overall I like the product. You have done a great job making it. I've also just emailed you something that will really help you out. 


Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 

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It's very cool that you made your own product! I'd be happy to provide some feedback! Here are my impressions:

  • Your logo up top isn't too visible with the background. Either insert a white background behind it or bring down the opacity of the main image. The same goes for the other text overplayed on top of the image.
  • I think you should always offer free domestic shipping or at least some sort of discount, instead of offering it "for a limited time only."
  • It is not immediately clear what your product is. Are you familiar with how Apple features their products? They focus on one feature at a time and write a small, yet captivating, paragraph for each feature of said product. You could try something similar with your website. In fact, scrolling down the homepage leaves a lot of blank space... you could either make the homepage shorter or fill it with more interesting information.
  • You don't need two search links.
  • You should customize your refund policy a bit more and also expand the timeframe. Is it 10 days from purchase? If so, that's really not a lot of time once you take shipping into account, especially when it comes to international customers.
  • I'd customize your ToS so that it looks nicer and is a bit more readable.
  • I like how much information you included on your "About" page, but I would also include more pictures and use them to break up the paragraphs.
  • Your product page is not good. Tighten up the titles and use better pictures.
  • The product description is way too long. Shorten it and make it more appealing to your prospective customers.
  • The spacing throughout your website is uneven.
  • Your blog could be a great idea but your last post was over two months ago which looks bad. Either stay consistent or don't use a blog as a platform.


Best of luck!

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