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Since this is an amazing community where I have learned so much while making my store. I wanted to seek your advise in what I am doing right and more importantly what am i doing wrong? Even though its just 2 months old I have added a couple of blogs as well.  please help

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Hi Nikki,

Your website looks very nice! ? 

Two quick little details I noticed. 

1. How about adding a "About Us" page? Tell about your brand, maybe a story,...

2. How about adjusting the colors on your sign up box (inside)? You need some contrast. The box should be more noticeable. :-)

Perhaps, you can invert the colors; white box and grey font (you can pick the gray tone you like best) OR just black.

If you haven't used your free hour design time with Shopify, they can help with adjusting the colors.

It takes time to get sales. My sales are very low too and sometimes I over think "What I am doing wrong, why people aren't buying?" It's hard!

If it was that easy, than everyone will do it. Keep up the good work!

Hope that helps!


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Hi Nikki,

It's certainly a continual learning process, but you're on the right platform with Shopify and you've made a great start. A few quick observations that will hopefully help:

  • I found the colour scheme at the top of your homepage too dark / too much black. Ecommerce shoppers make instant judgements and visually it didn't come across as impactful.
  • Also, I wasn't clear (as a visitor) what you actually sold. Ideally you need a clear, almost instant proposition, either through your brand name, logo, or by showing pictures (in your banner).
  • Clear navigation titles can also help the above. At the moment, 'Trending', 'Most Popular' and 'Sale' don't really give any indication as to what it is you sell.
  • SEO - Title tags (i.e. the text in the tab at the top of the browser) are one of the most important on-page elements in SEO. I'd suggest being more specific about these - for example your homepage tag reads "Modern and Stylish Products" but being more specific will help.

Hope this helps build on what is already a strong start of you.

All the best,