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Hi everyone,

i opened a store a few weeks ago and still have no sales. I am running Google smart shopping campaign to best target the customers. I set up a Facebook page and Instagram profile. I know I have only 5 products at the moment but am planing to add more soon. The store is in German and i am shipping to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
We are selling products made out of wood, so i realize the market is limited. 
Do you think that adding more products would start my sales?
Any advice on the store, prices, pictures etc. is helpful. Thanks!

Marko Bogdan.



Hi Marko,


Your website looks very clean and your “Box for Bottles” product images are well-edited. I think your Gastronomy Product images could use some work though.


Great job adding the shipping info to each product page.


I suggest making your Facebook link open on a new tab. Your Facebook page should take users to your site, not the other way around.


Because of the nature of your products, I believe that having more products in the store can potentially attract customers.


Good luck!

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Hi Marko, I see you are using the default color theme and default text for your website. I would recommend changing the themes so your buttons and colors match or stand out more.