Please review my shop - Ellemaccessories

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Hi all

I opened an on-line store a few weeks back.

Can someone pls review and provide comments.

I am new to drop shipping and even though I am getting alot of views on FB, still no purchases.


Any ideas on how I can improve my sales?


Thank you kindly, Lil

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How did you add the "account" icon. I have brooklyn theme, but i don't see it on my preview page. How do you link it ?


You can remove "powered by shopify" from your site.

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Hi there,


Consider arranging those collections on the main menu and adding About Us and Contact Us pages there, so it will be visible to your customers.


As for the policy pages: Terms, Shipping, and Returns, you might locate it at the footer of your site.


Hope it helps.


P.S. Later you might add some apps for the Reviews, so your customers will create social proof on the website

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Hello there. Try to incentivize your customers by providing them with a small discount. You can try to do that with your leaving customers. There is a great app for that:


In addition to that, you should also add a privacy policy and terms page. Not having them makes your store not so trustworthy. A contact page is also very important. Make sure to add a phone somewhere, which should give you some credibility.


Lastly, I would also suggest you add nice descriptions to all of your products.


Hope I heled!

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I think following tips will help you.


1. Try paid marketing like Google Shooping,Facebook Ads

2. Think about redesign your store

3. One to one marketing

4. Optimize as per SEO


If you need more tips please contact us


Thanks & Regards

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I'm also waiting for review for about four weeks already. Is there possible to wait for someone who reviews and will give conclusions at least.

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Hi! Your website looks fantastic. I love the layout of your product offerings and how your grouping of items are pleasing both in type and color coordinated. 

I noticed in the category of shoes, some are offered in European sizes and some are in US sizes.  Not sure if your selling beyond the US. If your focus is on the US, then I would maybe change to all US sizing options.

As far as ideas, I owned an online shoe store in the past. One aspect I received a lot of positive feedback on was for my categories....High heels for example.....for the description of the category, I included some truly helpful shoe hacks for my high heels collection. For example, in my high heels example.....I wrote a few heel hacks every woman should know....If you tape the third and fourth toes together with flexible medical tape etc (there is a nerve that runs between these two toes) taping the third and fourth toes when wearing heels keeps pressure off that nerve and enables you to wear heels longer. You are offering very high heels, this would be great to share heel hacks! 

Another hack I included is spraying both feet with spray deodorant before wearing the heels. This helps the foot from not sliding against the shoe, hence preventing blisters for a longer period of time.  

For your handbag section, you could share handbag hacks: here are a couple ideas....

Research and make a list of "must haves" for handbags (depending on the size of the bag) 

I noticed you had smaller, decorative handbags: A bottle of clear nail polish would be a must as a swipe of the clear polish across the scuff of a high heel and voila! Scuff gone! A few band-aids for those times we didn't apply deodorant to our feet before wearing the heels. Band-aids are a must for purses in case you do get a blister while dancing the night away! A trial size deodorant is perfect to fit in a purse.

For your Home category you could share really cool "home hacks." People love tips for the home. Home decorating has tons of cool hacks.  You could advertise that each week/month etc there will be new hacks. 

When you give people something of value, for free, they love it!

Just some ideas I have used. I am a very innovative thinker and maybe these would help. Your design/layout is fantastic. Beautiful site. 

One little tiny thing I noticed is on your header bar. Remove the final period. It just looked like an extra dot! 

And one more the descriptions that are carried over using one of Shopify's apps. I made this mistake and in some of the descriptions, it sort of gave away I was supplying from China. Such as the "brand name" etc that carries over. : )

Good Luck,

Crysta Lee Swindell

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Hello @ellem, I hope you are doing well! Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

- Add a footer menu.

The home page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. Slideshow Image- Collection List- Product Recommendations- Testimonials- Newsletter sign up box- Instagram Feed.

- Add a call to action button on the banner image of the home page.

- Add about us page.

- You can start giving loyalty points to your customers on different activities like signing up, visiting a store, making a purchase, allowing for push notifications, share/ follow on social media. This will help you to entice your customers and retain them. You can reward your customers in order to redeem those points. When you will give points to them they will come again in the future to make a purchase in order to redeem those points. This encourages repeat purchases which increase sales and help in retaining your customers.

- Add web push notifications, it will help you to retarget your customers even when customers are not in your store without getting their email address. It also helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate.

- Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.


If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to try out the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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