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Hey Shopify Community,

I came here seeking to improve my shopify store and would love feedback, advice or criticism that you guys have.  So it's been nearly two weeks since I created a POD store where I wanted to sell food inspired T shirts. Since then I've tried marketing my products through an Instagram Ad ( for 3 days) and working with some Instagram Influencers. However, I haven't made a sale yet and am not getting as much traffic (maybe around 12 on a high day and less than 5 on a low day?) as I want. I'm kind of stuck at the moment because I'm not sure what's the issue. Am I simply not marketing enough? Or is it the store experience or product itself that's the problem?

 I'm willing to hear any comments and suggestions that you guys have about my store.

My store is at

Much thanks in advance and I look forward to making my store the best it can be.

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Hey, Eatingwarriors!


I'm Lizzy, one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify.


First things first, I wanted to say I really like your store. I love the idea of food themed clothing. Your shirts are really cute too!


Your designs have a light and fun vibe. Have you thought of finding a way to showcase that in all of your media? Most print on demand companies will allow you to order samples of your designs at a reduced cost. You could order two or three of your shirts and do a fun, food party themed photoshoot with friends. With the options for editing apps, you could even do this using a phone.


This blog post focuses on product photography, but many of the tips on equipment and editing could be used for a lifestyle type shoot as well. 


There are lots of cute and fun t-shirt companies out there. What makes you different than your competition? What makes your t-shirts stand out? You can use the vibe of your images to sell the lifestyle and joy you associate with food. Have you considered using Instagram to build up your audience and customer base? We have a podcast in the Shopify Masters series as well as a video series in the Shopify Academy. Both go in depth with tactics for using Instagram to build up your business and boost sales. As your t-shirts are quite visual I think this could be a good way to spread awareness of your brand.


Another thing I noticed is that your pricing appears a little disorganized. How did you decide on this pricing strategy? For shirts that are quite similar in appearance there are a few cents difference in price. This is a small detail, I just like to mention these things as I feel like altogether they can add up to a more professional tone on your store. 




Overall I think you've got a great start here and could build up something special. I suggest focusing on tightening up your brand image and unifying your tone across your designs, photography and social media. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about what I've said!


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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I just had look into your store. I have few points on your website.
Half of the page contains header section, due to this website not looking good.
I suggest you can improve your product view page and home page too It's looking dull, And decrease the gap between one paragraph to another paragraph.
And you can regularly promote your products through Social media pages, It's helps for increasing of your website followers.

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Just took a look at your store and here is my hot take:

Website opens to a email sign up, good way to start running email campaigns and a smart move in my opinion. From the start looking at your logo I like what I see; however, I wanted to find out more about your company and noticed that there was not an "about us" section. I would highly recommend adding this to your website. In many cases its want of the most visited pages. From there I feel like the website gets a little crowded. I would suggest adding a hero banner or slide show. Then putting in the "for foodies by foodies" blurp in a rich text section. The two photos following this section in my opinion are over powering. Not quite sure what you could use to fill this void, but just a thought.  I like that you have the featured collection and upon entering a product page here are a few adjustments I would make. Your sizing chart distorts and some of the numbers are out of the chart on my screen, fix this. Additionally, I think it would help if you added in a highlight section for your product. Overall I like the product and think the website needs some touching up. However, I do think you are on to something. Keep at it!