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I am having trouble selling items on my store. Im not sure what else to do. I am currently running facebook ads but im only getting vistors but no sales . I dont know what to do ? Any suggestions ???

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Hey there, Jose!


Bo here from Shopify Support. 


Great job on creating your store. You have some pretty awesome products and have put in the effort of writing up your own descriptions which is awesome so good job on that front! There are a few things we can tweak to make your store look more polished so let us get right into that.


It looks to me like you initially wanted to set up a makeup and beauty store and started adding random products after that. When I land on your homepage the first product I see is a grenade mug, however, the rest of your store has jewelry and makeup. To me, this shows that the store does not know what it is or what it wants to be. Why would someone buy from a store with makeup and a randomly placed grenade mug? They wouldn't. I would recommend focusing on your niche market and getting that down as to not give your customer conflicting messages as to who you are as a brand. I recommend taking a look at our blog on using a niche to market your store here.


I was also taking a look at your collections and it would appear that they are not organized correctly. Take a look at the beauty collection and you will notice that there are watches and rings in there as well. This makes your store look badly organized which would dissuade a customer from buying with you.


It looks likesome of your titles have not been edited. The issue with this is that the titles from Oberlo are often very long winded and actually rather incoherent. The reason for this is that they are trying to cram as many keywords into their titles so their products are easy to find, however, for a customer facing store this does not look good. It doesn't look very professional and those who are familiar with Oberlo/AliExpress will recognize the format. So while you have done a great job in curating the products, you do need to do some more work to market them better on your site.


While some of your recommendations work really well together others do not. Take a look at this:

Customers will not want to buy these together. I would recommend just sticking to makeup as it seems to be your strongest range!


All the Best,


Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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You have a spelling error in your header about shipments. 


Why do you have watches and rings in your makeup section?


Each product needs a specific product description. Imported descriptions from aliexpress will hurt your chances of selling items. 


When an item is added to cart you want the cart to open. You don't want the customer to have to click again to go to the cart. 


There are quite a few other things that need fixed on your site. I would google the largest shopify stores and pattern your site after them. You can also hire someone on fiverr to give you tips and tweaks on what needs fixed.