Please review my store! This is my first time on Shopify

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Hello, this is my first time on Shopify and I just finished building my store.

I sell digital products (lightroom presets) and I really need to hear some reviews to make sure that all is ok.

Any advice to improve the website would be very appreciated!



This is an accepted solution.

Hi Lilas-addas,
I took a look at your website. Overall, it is quite professional and pretty. You put a lot of effort into making it, right?
I would like to give you some feedback to make it better!

1. Homepagepp.png


- Mobile presets and Desktop presets are not shown well. You should consider making 2 sections cover the full width of the page. 

- Add the Instagram and Printest section to show your beautiful presets. It is also a good way to have more engagement with customers.

- Add the Testimonial section to build the trust of customers. Actually, when your site visitors read great reviews from other customers, they are more willing to buy the presets. 

2. About us page:

- Add more images/videos to make this page more attractive.  
- Add more content to tell your business story and why people should buy your presets.


I hope that this above feedbacks are helpful for you <3

- Tips to optimize website loadspeed:

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