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Hi all, 


I just launched this store today. I just wanted some feedback on things that I need to improve. I haven't received my first order yet but hoping to get one soon as I have started advertising on FB. Please let me know your thoughts. 


Website -

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The real time visitors app looks fake

There are three to four pop ups in mobile view when i just loaded the store and blocked almost half of my screen.

Hello @Kitchenaryneeds,


You have a large variety of products in the kitchenary niche. This could do more harm than good.


Start small by hyperfocusing on one type of product. For example, specialize in Fruit Detox Creative Bottles and dominate that space. Become the expert in that niche within a niche. Offer different versions of your bottles (indoors, outdoors, flasks? etc) , instead of offering different types of utensils and vegetable cutters.


When you're not specialized (seen as an expert in the field) in a niche, you're basically directly competing against Amazon. You'll need billions of dollars spent in marketing to actually see results. The customer experience may look be something like this: They are directed to your ecommerce store. They find a product that they're slightly interested in. They open a new tab and compare prices on Amazon. They close your webpage and decide to buy on Amazon. 


Why does that happen?

  1. If the prices are lower on Amazon, it's a no-brainer why they bought from there instead.
  2. If the prices are the same on Amazon, they trust their brand more. (hassle-free returns, arrive on-time etc)
  3. If the prices are slightly higher on Amazon, their brand is so strong that customers are willing to pay a few dollars more to buy from that platform than a completely new and unfamiliar one.

So the easiest way to gain a small advantage over giants like Amazon is specializing in a niche within a niche. Become an expert in that area where it makes sense to take a leap of faith with an unfamiliar buying experience, to obtain the best fruit detox bottles around.


There are actually many ways of testing product demand before making a single sale on your ecommerce store. Try to figure that out and you'll make fewer mistakes along the way. 

I can help pinpoint and fix the problems preventing you from making your first sale. I also help with Conversion Rate Optimisation:

HarryL | Sushi Lover @ Simpla Startup
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Great suggestions @HarryL 


Hi @Kitchenaryneeds 


Few Suggestions 


Home Page: Seems like to much going on here. I'd set it out like. 

  • Slideshow Image ( only the best image you have ) 
  • Collection List 
  • Something interesting maybe with call to action 
  • Popular Product (4 only) focus on the best four products you have here. 


Product Page: I don't really like the trust badges you used. I think there is much better ones that look much better. I'd also important reviews. There is free apps but I'd use loox. It's $10 a month but worth it. Normally has 14 day free trial but I can get you 30 day trial. Reach out if interested. 


Checkout: You have a blue button here. It doesn't really feel consistent with your brand. I'd change this. I'd also think about selling worldwide or at least these countries. 

  • Australia :) 
  • United Kingdom 
  • Europe 
  • Canada 


Overall pretty good job. I'm liking the orange. Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 

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