Please review my store

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Hi, I have created a shopify store. I think overall the store is looking okay but I am not sure so it would be nice if you can leave me a feedback or any suggestions what I can do better.


Here is the Store URL:


I am happy for any feedback :) Thanks 

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Your site looks super good. There are a couple of tweaks i would make but you are 90% there. 


1. Make your search bar bigger and change the text in it to say "Click here to Search"

2. Turn off quick view on your collection pages. That just causes people to click that instead of the regular product page and people like to see more information. 

3. Move your add to cart button to the following line and make it wider and taller. You want it to be the biggest item on the page. 


There are a few other things but it is the best site I have ever seen someone post on here. If you need further optimization help you can hire someone on upwork or fiverr to give your additional help.

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Hi Willy,


The store looks great in desktop, in case of mobile, the hamburger menu and currency option are too close to click with ease (Currency text is not visible). Plus the logo does not display perfectly, it slightly goes to right side.


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.34.03 PM.png



The 10% banner pop ups even if i closed it, it should not popup again if one closes it first time.