Please review my store

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I've made some final improvements for my store.

Can you tell me if anymore improvements can be made?


At this point, it is better to get more traffic to your store... through SEO or paid ads... and see if these changes are helping driving more sales. There is no point making more changes until you test the changes you have already made. That is always the best process: make changes, test, learn, iterate and make new changes based on what you learned. 

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Your store looking great. I would suggest including item reviews count under the title of the products. Increase your products under collections then visitors stay more time on your store.
And I suggest you can add your store blog. Blog gives you the chance to make important substance for your clients. Utilize this as a promoting strategy to manage movement back to your site.
Blog make better Your Website's SEO, Increase Traffic to Your Website through inbound links.



Hi its looking great, how is your traffic to your store?


Nice an clean easy to navigate :-), just had a thought on your returns process we use clicksit return centre its an app on shopify, It has gone down very well with our customers, we do not get many but its all automated and you just pay a small fee for the courier


Well done looking cool i would defo buy from here :-)

Many Thanks


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