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I started not so long a go a Solar product/gadget store. I would really appreciate if you could review my shop and give me some feedback regarding layout, prices and payment options. This is all new for me and trying to keep up with all the information available. I have not a lot of traffic but 8% of my traffic added products in the cart but all checked I'm stuck of what I need to change in order to get my first sale. 


My website is:

(a spanish version will follow as well but initial targetgroup are expats and holidaymakers in Spain)


Thank you in advance! Kind regards Evelyn


Hi @Evelyn-V 


Few Suggestions 


Home Page: You want this to flow and not sell your visitors straight away. I'd set it out like this. 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List 
  • Image With Text ( Something Interesting ) 
  • Newsletter Sign Up ( Be Creative ) 
  • Best Sellers ( 4-8 Max ) 

Product Titles: Need to be shorter. Don't need "best selling" in them. Get to the point. 


Overall not to bad. I really like your logo. I'm also about to email you something that should really help you out. 



Clayton Bates 


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I just had look into your website.
Check this image and align all products in equal manner then looks great.
And some of items gallery image sizes are not in equal like check it and modify it.
You can use open new tab on the links on the footer section and items on grid page, then customers are spent more time on your store.
Keep your Instagram profile uniform by keeping your photos within one color scheme. And Use #tags, Hashtags are a big part of Instagram's posts because it allows photos and video content to become searchable on the channel.
And i suggest you can use Instagram Stories To Stand Out In The App.
You can improve your Testimonials. Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller, and shine it on the customer. Adding client testimonials to your website can be an extremely effective way to establish trust and strengthen your company's reputation. They are extremely powerful tools when it comes to strengthening your branding. Otherwise, great work you have done on your website.


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Hey there, @Evelyn-V 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


Well done on launching your store. You have clearly put in a lot of work and it shows. I love that you have your policies listed in your footer, a lot of stores forget to do this. I also like that you have added to the descriptions that you have taken from Oberlo. The first thing I always look at when giving feedback on stores is the product descriptions. Anyone who is familiar with AliExpress or Oberlo will spot this right away and in doing so they will know that they can get the products cheaper elsewhere. With online stores, there are no sales representatives and so the products literally need to speak for themselves so very well done in writing this copy! 


There are a few things we can tweak to better your page. In your navigation, you have inconsistent capitalization. Make sure this is consistently capitalized. 


I would also recommend changing this text to "Free Delivery in Europe for the Month of August":


On your collection pages, there are only two rows of 4 products. This results in a customer clicking through pages of a collection instead of just scrolling with ease. You can rectify this by going to Online Store > Current Theme > Customize. Click on Home Page and select Collection Page from the drop-down. Click on Collection Page in the side menu and increase the number of rows. 


You do not appear to have any social media linked to your page. Social media is a massive part of online shopping nowadays and a social media presence is super important. You can read up on marketing with social media here.


You have a men's and women's collection listed on your homepage. Your products, however, are not gendered in the most part! There really is no need to have these gendered collections when your products are not gendered. Also, your kids' collection is not exclusively kids products. You would be better off categorizing these products into categories such as "Lights" and "Phone Accessories" for example.


Let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!


All the Best,




Bo - Social Care @ Shopify

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