Please review my store

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I have just redone my store again I am getting about 100 visitors per day, I am doing Google ads display and search. But no one seems to be buying. Would love to get some feedback.


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thank you for the feedback i really don't know how to add trust badges to my checkout, could you recommend any apps to use?  or how to do it?

many thanks 

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yes I can help you lets discuss here 


Hi @DomKEH 

Basing on my eCommerce experience, I would love to provide my recommendations for your store.

1. Make the sticky header

- A sticky menu header helps customers to reach out to the menu and access the menu anytime they want. Especially, the menu has a search bar, and making a search bar prominent is very important. This helps customers feel rest assured and they can search anytime when they scroll up or down on the home page. 

2. Feature a broad range of product types 

I notice that your store has different product types such as Phone Accessories, Car accessories, Jewellery, etc and they should be featured on the home page.

Because underestimating product range can be not good for sales. 

So you should manifest the breadth of the product range on the homepage. When customers have a glance over the homepage, they can see the product diversity.

3. Increase the font-size 

(1) Knight Enterprises Holdings Store 2020-08-25 09-31-24.png


Product titles and prices are important information and in this case, they need to be increased their sizes. Currently, it's 12.75px for the prices; 15px for the titles, I recommend you can increase the title size to 18px and 14-15px for the prices. 

5. Collection page

I took an example of this collection page

  • Add secondary hover images: By adding secondary hover images on each product image, customers can see a different image of each product and this provides more information as a visual aspect for customers and this also helps them to compare different products in a collection.
  • Use color swatches for products: Color variants are the key factor in customer's choices. In your list of products here, if you don't indicate color variants and customers cannot be aware of this, they cannot find their choices and this increases abandoning your store. 

Above are my recommendations for your store and it's really important to customize an attractive and unique home page, collection page to increase conversion rate  

I have a guide on personalizing the Shopify home page, check it if you are interested in it because it provides many tips.

If you feel my answer helpful, like it or mark as a solution. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

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