Please share your feedback on my store!

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Hi Everyone,


i'm set to launch my store in a week and i'd love to hear your feedback on it!


Please visit and share your thoughts!


I appreciate your time and help in advance.


Thank you!

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I just had look into your store. Awesome work you have done on your website.
I have observed on your collections page like more space between navigation section and list of products. I mean check this image You can think about your heading and reduce the space.

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Hey, there!


Jason here from Shopify Support.


What a beautifully built store! From your copywriting, product images, to the store designs, it's easy to see that you've put in a lot of effort. Kudos for you having the brand mission, vision, and values so well written in the About Us page! Truly, you have an amazing store with endless potential.


Here are a few very minor details I suggest for you to help you improve the user experience.


  1. The font colors at the footer section are really light. For some visitors, this can be quite hard to read. I suggest you increase the contrast by darkening the font color a bit. It can help with the readability.
    The same can apply to the product pages' body section.
  2. It's interesting that your domain name isn't the same as your brand name. Is this done by purpose? If so, would you mind sharing what's the idea behind it? I'm intrigued. Your brand is called Best Gifts For Him and yet the domain is (No Gifts Here). It sends two different messages to your visitors. I did a quick domain search for you. Both and are available. Since the domain is part of your branding, I'd hate to see you miss a selling opportunity because the visitors fail to find you through the search engines. It's always easier for the visitors/customers to remember when the brand and the domain share the same name.
  3. This is almost nitpicking, but watch out a few products' prices. Your best seller is selling at $161.99. Love the fact that you have the perfect decimal price points! I recommend you price this product at $165.99 or $159.99 instead. 
    06_15-ysxam-pi88xFor $165.99, the reason behind it is that generally speaking, the regular price products sell at 5/10 increments. For $159.99, this is a psychology-related pricing strategy. As we all can understand that it means the product comes to $160. By having it listed as $159.99, upon the first glance, the product is more like $150 range instead of $160 range. Here are a few other products that end in odd numbers.
  4. Because you don't have a long list of collections. It may be worthwhile to simply list out your collection at the main menu. This way, the visitors can easily click into the collection they want to see without going through a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu can be used on the Bag collection.
    Remember, the easier you help the visitors to navigate, the bigger the chance they'll make the purchase.

Before you launch, don't forget to check out The Essential Shopify Store Launch Checklist. By going through this checklist, it can ensure your launch as smooth as possible.


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If there’s anything else I can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to reply back and I’d be happy to help out. Wishing you a fantastic launch!

All the best,


Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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