Pre-sale for Mala Beads, I'm getting about 1 sale per 100 visits .. .not sure if this is good/bad/normal?

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Thanks for chekcing out my site and offering any feedback that could help me make more sales :) :) 


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Hi Laura!

In terms of your current conversion rate, in my experience there is nothing terribly out of the ordinary there, this is simply one of the realities of the online commerce world! However, we do provide some excellent guides which contain some tried and tested tips on what steps one can carry out to improve their conversion rates.

Furthermore, it is important to get your word out there by effectively utilising social media and exploring the benefits offered by paid advertising services. This end I would like to draw your attention to the Kit app which operates as a virtual assistant who upon review of your store will offer you daily suggestions on how to better target your audience through utilising social media, email marketing campaigns and pointed paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope this helps!

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