Premium Motivational Art, where to find customers?

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I launched my store for high-quality unique motivational artworks on canvas.
Firstly I would like to ask for improvements to my store, things which might damage the conversion rate in your opinion.

Second I would like to ask for your recommendations for where to look for customers. I have very different styles, which probably target very different people, only sharing some "success-mindset". But they can be weight-lifters, entrepreneurs, meditation teachers, or a lot else.
Price ranges from 79$ to 699$ depending on size and style. I don't go cheap so I need focused traffic. 

I only have limit resources to spend (especially time, but money is also somewhat limited) so I would like to focus on one or two methods to generate relevant traffic, on which I then can build and improve further. So what to target and how?

Facebook Ads, Google Ads (search, display), Affiliate (how)? Direct contacting Influencer (how to find, how to pay), Social media activity, SEO, other methods?

Thanks for your time.




Hi Ben,


Singularity... makes you wonder :-) 

In a quick look I get the feeling that when you think about your audience you think about people who appreciate art, and try to make your store a bit artistic, It will in fact make people appreciate and enjoy your website more but there will be less sales : and so I think you should put your art in front, and in order to get more sales you need to be a bit more commercial.


So in practice, looking from my phone, because that's where everyone are, I think that you should put a top front image or gallery of your art so people can see what it is your'e selling, maybe the guy with the skateboard next to the orange picture that's a nice one, and in the first gallery use the full images of your items instead of parts of them, if it makes them too small, show them one by one on mobile, if you have to use the orange-brown frame, minimize the frames thickness to 1px and use the extra area to your photos, and i'd recommend picking a more natural color like black or a color that is somewhere considered a leading color in your art.


The rest is great, I think it's just the first impression that can be improved.


To start seeing conversions and sell, use conversion campaigns instead of traffic, you should leverage the use of Dynamic Products and learning audiences that will track conversions of people who added to cart or purchased and automatically target similar people like them. 

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*Now that you can compare, you'll be surprised how better results and sales you get.


All the best!


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