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I'm new so this is my first post.  I asked for a review of my store, but forgot to include the website.  I'm getting lots of traffic, but only one sale.  Is there something I missed when I designed the store.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



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Congratulation for your store. I have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


  1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop
  2. Need to work on a design
  3. Optimize your product landing page
  4. Optimize your store for SEO
  5. Add policies pages at the footer
  6. Use Facebook and Instagram Shop for sale
  7. Add blog section

There are other areas you need to work

Need help? Please contact us here:


Thanks & Regards


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I think actual pictures of the jewelry would help.. It looks like you are selling magazines or something.  And there is a lot of text at the begging no one is going to read that.  Hope that helps a little

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Thank you for your suggestions. I have no idea how to optimize my store
loading speed for mobile and desktop or the product landing page. I also
have no idea about optimizing my store for SEO. I already have a shop
policies page in my footer, do I need something else. This is the first
time I have ever had a stand alone website.

Thank you for any help.



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Hi Jean,

Well, the load time is quite less so optimization is not an issue.
The issue is with the layout of the website. Since you are using a basic
theme, your store is missing so many features that are required in a
website to make it visually appealing to drive traffic and increase sales.
I can see your website doesn't have any banner/slider, ajax add to cart,
promotional bar, Newsletter popup and loads more.

Hope it helps!
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Thank you.

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Hi there!


Welcome to the Shopify family!


Here is my feedback:

  • I noticed that you do have accounts on the most popular social networks. Good, that is a must! I would suggest you to be constantly active in them, promoting your products and your brand.
  • Regarding the social links in your footer, you should make sure that they open in a separate tab upon clicking. This way your customers will still be able to check the respective page and keep your website open at the same time.
  • I would advise you to look around for some apps that can improve your sales in the Shopify app store - For example, this one -  will help you recover some of your leaving customers with a discount to exit intent. It offers ready-to-use templates, and also it has a 30-day free trial.
  • Super happy to see that you have all the policies - terms and conditions, refund policy and privacy policy. Many Shopify stores are missing that.
  • Try adding a bit more description to your products. It will help you text-to-code ratio on your pages, which will then help you for better SEO.
  • You can show your reviews to the product pages, not just on a separate page.
  • Adding an "About us" page will make you more relatable and trustworthy.

I hope I helped!

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've had a quick look at your store, and I really love your products. You've done so much great work on the store, and I have a couple of suggestions you may consider making to give your store a little more bite.


- Your introductory paragraph on your landing page is great, but it reads a little like an About Us which should be put on a separate page. Instead on your landing page, you should include a 'mission statement', for example, what is the customer's problem that you are solving? 


- Have some testimonials on your landing page. It's been proven that peer reviews have a huge impact on conversions. I would add a few quotes from delighted customers to your landing page. 


- In the top left you mention that the store is for "Vintage and Antique Costume Jewelry for the Modern Woman", but you also cater for some menswear, so I would potentially alter that to reflect selling to both. 


What marketing strategy have you for the business? How are you targeting your ideal customer? Who is your ideal customer? Have you drawn up some customer 'personas' which may help you target that audience? There's a great guide here that will help if you haven't used them before!

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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