Product Proven, Website has Traffic, No Sales ?

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Hi Everyone,

I've run a few different stores before and am now really having a good run at this.

I am selling homewares at . I inititally tested some product with Facebook marketplace through my personal account and received multiple people asking to purchase.

Now I am testing through facebook marketplace direct to my website. This is not working. I am really unsure why.

What would you change to improve conversions on this website?

Thank you in advance,


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two things i noticed, first your logo isnt big enough, it need to stand out to tell your customers who you are. I though it was some descriptive text for the sofa.

2nd, some of your product images are messy, not cut out nicely, or to small so when they are viewed on widescreen there are low res artifacts in them.

Hope that helps.


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Hey, Michael.

Dallas here from the Shopify Social Care Team. I took a look at your store and have some feedback that will hopefully help you to increase your sales. 

First off I will say that I really like the look of your store! It looks very clean, it is nice and bright and it is appealing to look at. There isn't anything that jumps out at me to give me large negative feelings when I open your web page. 

Now a big thing that you are needing to work to improve would be your conversion rate. That would be the number of sales that you make compared to the number of people that enter your site. That information can all be found in your Analytics section under, well Conversion Rates.

There are some main points that you are going to want to think about when it comes to improving your conversion rate and the biggest thing is ease of use for your customer! Anything that you can do to make your customers life easier, their shopping experience better, their trust stronger and their time in your checkout smooth sailing the more sales you will see because of it. You have reached part of the way by establishing how you can make your customers life easier (selling them beautiful furniture for cheaper prices) now let's think of the shopping experience. 

On your homepage, I really like that you have explained what your store is about and what your site can offer. A thing I recommend adding to the home page, as well, would be a section for images that show your products but not in a "product image" sort of way, but rather a "lifestyle shoot with your images" sort of way. If that makes sense. If you are going to do that I would add it in here or here.

The revolving review section is an awesome addition, keep that! 

You have an area for collections and an area for best sellers which is nice, but I would put fewer options in each of them because currently there is quite a number in both. That is making it feel like a lot of scrolling when you are in each of those sections. Your homepage is more for selling your store rather than just your products, that is what collection pages and product pages are for. In that case, I would limit the number of best selling items and change the Collections section to be a Featured Collection section. That way you are still showcasing your product, but it is showing things in more manageable bite-size pieces. Does that make sense? 

This is a really great blog post that goes into great detail about aspects of a site that can simplify the look, while still keeping maximum functionality so that we don't distract the users.

Need a little comedy break? This video is a really funny bit about the struggles from a shopping experience. It can also give you some ideas of what to do or what not to do on your store.


When it comes to strengthening the trust of your website what you have actually looks pretty trustworthy. However, I find that having an image on the about page can make your site more relatable since you are already giving the names of the people running it. You have a contact page, but if I were you I'd put an actual contact form into your store. It would look something like this 

All you have to do is go into the contact page in your store admin and select


Now to make the checkout smooth sailing what unnecessary steps can we remove. Well first off I would recommend that you add a dynamic checkout to your store. This will allow your customer to purchase items way faster than they would have otherwise.

I also suggest using quick view so that your customers can see your items without having to go onto a page, realize they don't want to get that one and have to go back to go to the next items page. An app like Quick View by Seccomap will be great for that.

Since we are wanting to remove the workload from our customers you may want to think about using a honey trap instead of a captcha. We are forcing them to identify themselves as a human. All because we won't spend the time to code a better solution. Adding captcha is easy, but if you are wanting to get the same thing done and not have it affect your user experience then you may want to look into coding a honey trap 

If you are not familiar with this you may be able to get a Shopify Expert to do this for you.


Now, a site is not going to do well if the details aren't scrutinized. Basically, if something needs to be changed as time goes on, change it. If you don't like the way something looks on your site, change it. Things change at a rapid pace in the e-commerce world and there is no reason that a store shouldn't change as well. Continually tweak and improve their websites over the years, incrementally removing the rough edges to create a seamless and painless user experience.

I gave a lot of information, but I do hope that helps! If you have any more questions for me please let me know! 


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi there Michael,

Great job! I would agree about the logo. Also, you offer some discounts. You could use a countdown app in order to create people an urgency to buy.

Good luck!

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