Randeyego.com online store feedback request

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Hello everyone,


I'm about to launch this site, could you please help review?


The site is design and to sell Lingeries and and related accessories 

We are currently going through google adds and other marketing stategy

For now I really want to make sure my site is good to go. 

Any feedback on usability, design, products or whatever else would be greatly appreciated. 

Also if you give us some tips and links that would help to promote the store 


Brutal honesty is appreciated! 

Thanks in advance and best regards



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Change your announcement bar to say something that is important to the customer. I use my shipping offer up there but I have seen others advertise a site wide sale or something like that. Using that for a little statement is a waste of space. 


Remove the fake popups in the corner. 


Your images are way too big. You dont want people to have to scroll to see the entire image on desktop. You can make it where if they click on the image it gets bigger or opens in a pop up like amazon does. 


Remove the dynamci checkout buttons and the add to wishlist button. You only want one button on your product page... the add to cart button. 


Make your add to cart button a bright color. Your proceed to checkout button should be that same bright color as well as the buttons in your checkout. 


There are quite a few other things on your site that need optimized as well. I would considering hiring someone on upwork or fiverr to tell you what other things need tweaked. https://www.fiverr.com/share/EKYED

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Hi Randeyego,

Congratulations for launching new store.
In the first view it looks great.

I'm the first view, found this below issues in mobile, review button is covering over the menu drop down.

Also someone added wishlist popup is disturbing in mobile view.

Sachin D

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