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Hello everyone, I recently started this new Store and I’ve been doing good in social media with an active agudience that likes my stuff, I also get high traffic but barely to no sales. I’ve spent a lot of $$ on promos and it’s killing me. Any tips or help?

Thank you, my store 


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I suggest you can use equal sizes on gallery images of products you can check like this https://aesthiccz.club/collections/water-bottles-%E2%98%81/products/cute-sakura-strawberry-bottle.
And use high resolution images.Some of the items there are no specificationss, You can add item specification to helpful for your customers to fulfill the item.


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It's a wonderful course which makes us independent and make us established in 'Gig Economy. Thank you for the opportunity!


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I have a few tips on what you could improve on your website. 

First of all, I think it would be nice to add the tab "About us" where you tell the visitors what is your mission, who you are, what you sell etc. Some more description than you have on the homepage already.

Also in the menu tab, I would remove that small emojis because it doesn´t look really professional there. 

In some of your product pages, you are missing the product description, which is really important to have when you run an e-commerce store - you can find some tips on how to write a good product description in this article.

One more thing is that to make your shop more trustworthy, you should provide the customers with the email address and if possible also physical address. You can put it as well with the contact form that you already use, but you should add this information as well.

You wrote you have some traffic already - then you could try to use our retargeting  ROI Hunter Easy app, which generates customized ads of product that your previous customers were looking at or added to the shopping cart, but didn´t finish the purchase. It serves as a little reminder of your shop for them because most of the customers need to visit the shop more than once to decide to make the purchase.

I hope it will help you.

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