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Hi just looking for feedback on what I have so far and let me know how I can improve


Hi @Roro 


Three areas of your website need to be looked at. 


Colors: It's extremely hard to pull of black background on a website. I consider changing this to White. I'd also only use colors that go well together. Canva has a free color wheel to help you with this HERE


Home Page: There is no real flow to this page. I'd set it out like this. 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List (3)
  • Popular Products (4)
  • Testimonials 
  • Collection List (3)
  • Popular Products (4)
  • Something Interesting 
  • Instagram Feed if you have good images 

Product Page: At the moment it would be nearly impossible to make sales. The product description is so important. Put more detail into this. 


Shopify is all a learning curve. I'm sure if you keep putting in the work you will see results. 


Clayton Bates 


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Howdy @Roro,

here are some of the most important suggestions for your store-


1- Get a logo for your store and use a favicon, to get your store recognized in the cluster of tabs

Change the font of your store as well.

2- Your store theme is not eye-catchy, dark-themes work well to the products related to motors and mechanics, you should go for light themes as your store's niche is fashion.


3- Improve the quality of your holiday banner on the home page.


4- There should be at least three sliders on your home page so that you can show your (at least) top 3 product/ category {as observed in most of the top Shopify stores}.


5- Put a standard similar image size for all your products, and assign the similar width on all your categories.


6- Use social media links.


7- Place the collections and products properly and reduce the size of your home-page as no one will scroll that much longer.


You can show collections like under $25 etc, in the form of image collections, instead of making the home page lengthy.

8- Also, the ideal size of the heading is 55-60 and that of meta-description is 155-160, consider maintaining this limit while writing heading and meta description o your products and your store as well. This will help your store to rank on Google search results.



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