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Hey @TiarraH12,

Congratulations on launching your store! I can tell you've put a lot of time, thought and effort into building your store.


I've taken a look through and I have a few suggestions.

First, your homepage slideshow. The photos that show after the first one are quite blurry. This happens when you upload an image that is too small for the area, it stretches out to fit and then you loose image quality.


Here are some free stock photo websites you can find photos from:

Next, your logo. I would recommend tweaking it a little. The background should be transparent and the text is difficult to read at this size.


On your product pages, that main product image is very large, I would definitely recommend removing some of the height. Blurry images are an issue here as well. If possible, I'd highly recommend adding a photo of a model wearing each of these lashes so the visitor can get an idea of what they look like on.


The last thing I'll touch on are your products. As you know, lashes, wigs and extensions can be purchased offline in hundreds retail stores as well as online through thousands and thousands of online stores. When a person is searching for a wig or hair extensions in Google, big companies with massive marketing budgets are who is showing up in search results and who you are competing with for customers. A person can complete IF they give people a reason to purchase from them vs. the other guys. An example of this might be the fact that you offer local pickup and delivery, your "reason" as to why people should purchase from you vs the other guy is because you are local and a lot of people are passionate about shopping local and you can get them their product a lot faster.
I would think about all your "whys" and what sets you apart and use that in your marketing.

On the topic of marketing, another way you can advertise is using the AllFetch Google Shopping Feed app (it's free), you can expand your sales channels and promote your products on Google Shopping. It allows you to easily syncing your products from your Shopify store to the Google Merchant Center.

I will leave it at that for now but if you would like talk to us 1-1, we offer sessions where take a look at your store, identify the greatest issues holding you back, then provide solutions and advice. You can email us at ecomgeeksco@gmail.com for more information.

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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Thank you so much your feedback was much needed !!!