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Thank you very much for the knowledge ,I really appreciate you sharing with me ,I really mean it Thank you ,I’m just in a bad spot right now ,but as soon as I can get back on my feet ,I’m traveling to my daughters an she’s gonna try an help me , she’s understands these computers, I’m very knew to all this high tech , but Thank you again sincerely
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Bigmoe, I start to think you´re trolling us. How is your daughter good with computers and all this high tech stuff going to help you start a business? Seriously, "computers" and "hightech stuff" are not at all a qualification to set up a good running business. Thats like saying "Bigmoe, you´re a helper at this tire changing place. You are really good with cars. Help me invent a better electric car than Tesla." You are just not qualified for that, and this example is probably good for your daughter too.


Really, your main focus should be: 

Find a good product on, that will ship fast and not only fulfills a demand, like toiletpaper, but instead is something where you can build a demand and tell people "look ad my fancy ad, YOU WILL need this product, otherwise your life is worthless."

And after you found a good product, you will need a shop that actually is nice to look at, and mean not nice for you, but nice for your audience, and follows the laws.

And now you will need to know how to make a good converting ad (just a plain text in your local newspaper will not be enough) and how and where to place it. And the last part is key. Agencies charge thousands of dollars, and "gurus" like biaheza and other and probably that 68$ guy of yours want to sell you their knowledge for "cheap", as they say, and they profit big of the 100s of fools that actually buy their "success handbooks" for a mere 400$.


Setting up a shopify store homepage is actually the easiest part and can be outsourced for 50$ to 100$. Finding a product and being able to advertise it so you make a profit is something you have to learn, because this is where no one can help you with. Everybody that would charge you $$ for it, could just buy and sell the product himslef and profit more than from the money he makes of you and others, right?