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Hi Shopify Community!

After years of tinkering around, I've finally finished my website and need your feedback, before I start to advertise and market my products.  I'm just learning how to use Instagram and would appreciate any tips you can provide on my website and moving forward. 

Many thanks!

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Hi again,

Please leave any feedback about the website's overall look, products, designs, prices or anything else that needs to be addressed.


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Hi @PeacefulTees

Congrats on finally coming to the point of flipping the switch and going live. Launch day is always exciting, and I’m thrilled for you!

Big tip: Don’t forget to link your free shipping banner! Link to your product pages.

First impression: There are a lot of pop-ups. The first thing I see is the “We come in peace” email subscription list.  A few things:

  1. Your feature image has nothing to do with shirts!
  2. I like that you add value with a discount code, but it would be on the next order. If I’m a new visitor, I don’t even know if I want there to be a first order.
  3. On that same note, if someone visited your site for the first time, they wouldn’t know that they want to join your newsletter list. Trigger it to launch (or use a poll that launches) only when someone engages with your products, like adds a product to their cart.
  4. The live chat isn’t working well. I see the chat invitation, but again a first time visitor isn’t sure they need help. Also, it was initiated by your brand yet when I open it, it says “Leave a number and we’ll text you back as soon as we’re available.” That’s like calling someone on the phone but then letting them leave a message on your voicemail. 

Moving on to your homepage…

  • Hero image: You have a missed opportunity here to feature one of your t-shirts! Instead of using your logo as a hero image, make it smaller and move it to the left corner so that it’s on the same row as your navigation. Add a true hero image with a CTA button.
  • Oval images: I would rethink this ground of images. They aren’t linked, and they aren’t adding value to the sale. If you use click heatmaps (to see where people click), I can imagine you’ll see a lot of people clicking on it. Instead, I would highlight a few of your collections. 
  • In general, use click heatmaps and scroll heatmaps (to see how far they scroll) to evaluate your homepage. There are a lot of features on your homepage that aren’t linked and may not be featuring your products in a way that encourages visitors to buy it. 


  • Overall, because your logo is so huge, it pushes everything down. Even when I open the footer links, I have to scroll quite a bit to get to the content. Decreasing the logo will help a ton.
  • Contact Us: Make sure your email address is linked.
  • Shipping & Returns: Don’t forget information about shipping costs! 
  • Sizing Chart: I love that you have a sizing chart, but you need to clean it up. Since you’re dealing with international sizing, make sure all of them are measured by inches (or centimeters) instead of generic sizes. Right now your Men’s/Unisex size chart are in inches while the others are in sizes. 

As you get more traffic after launch, keep an eye on click heatmaps to see how people use your main navigation. Some pages (i.e., About Us and Peace 365 Blog) may be able to live in the footer rather than the main navigation. Watch session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website 

Collection pages
You have to clean up these filters. It’s not helpful at all right now. I’m looking at your Men/Unisex collection, and you have 4 different filters for men (Men, Men’s, Men’s Clothing and Mens)! It needs to be cleaned up to be helpful. 

Think of what people would be searching for and filtering by, and try to match that. Keep your filters helpful (i.e., why filter by men’s clothing when you’re in the Men/Unisex shirts?) and monitor it on a regular basis. 

Product pages
For reference, I’m looking at the Peace - Men’s/Unisex short sleeve tee.  

  • Reiterate the shipping costs here. That could be a deciding factor for someone.
  • Link to your sizing chart from the product pages
  • Take out the “Follow us on Instagram” feature - you aren’t posting, and from the product page, it’s more of a distraction.
  • Add in product reviews. Make sure you add a review invitation in your post-purchase confirmation email, and keep it highlighted on your product pages.

I know this store has likely been a labor of love for you, and it shows! Visitor behavior is going to help you find what’s stopping someone from converting and evaluate the changes you will make in the future. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card required) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hi Danny,

Wow...thanks for all the detailed feedback!  It did feel good to finally launch, but I knew there'd be lots more to do and refine.  I'm not aware of all the options my Shopify theme offers, but I will start immediately addressing your suggestions, even though I didn't expect it to need so much attention, lol!

This was an eye opener and greatly appreciated!

If I decide that heatmaps, session recordings and live chats are needed, I'll be in touch.


Peaceful Tees

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Hi Droppersstop,

Thanks for taking the time to review my website and offer suggestions for improvement!

I will take everything into consideration and make necessary changes.

Stay peaceful,

Peaceful Tees