Really appreciate to get feedback!

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Hi Guys,


Me and a friend of mine just launched our first Shopify Store. It's called

We are generating some paid traffic through Facebook (through Kit) and Google, but we're not generating sales yet. We have been live since 28/08 and started advertising last Saturday. I know it is a short time, but we are trying to get our first sale and would love an extra look on the site to get some feedback.

Thanks a lot in advance guys. Really appreciated!

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Hi Jasper!

What a FUN site!! I'm glad you have it up and running. I love your product, "wooden toys" reminds me of the good ole days ;) 

Per your request, here's my initial knee-jerk feedback, take it or leave it, and definitely don't be discouraged because I like your site a lot! 

1. I feel like the background banner images could aid more to the overall product story. For example, I REALLY like the wooden toy trains. That lends to your product marvelously. However, the other two images aren't as clear. I might suggest featuring more of your products within the slider being as this is your first impression. Lastly on the slider, I might slow it down just a tad. Feels very quick on the flip. I know there's not a ton to read, but it moves just a bit fast for my flavor. Lastly, regarding the banner, you might want to add that your toys are wooden. This feature sets you apart from your competition, display it loud and proud so I know right away that you're unique because of this, and not because you're just another toy company boasting "we're super original - because we say so!"

2. Uniformity - Put a "display: block" on your titles so your price always drops below the title vs inline for short titles and underneath for longer titles. Otherwise you get some funky layout inconsistencies ;) I might also increase the font size for the item title.

3. Product image consistency - On your single product view page the thumbnail images change the layout of the thumbnails. I might suggest uniform images so your slider thumbnails stay put vs dropping down 100px or so. (consistency)

4. More playful! The product pages do the job at allowing people to purchase, but there's a playful and fun element missing! I might suggest playing with fonts (ditch the serifs) and try for something more playful and fun :) 

5. Branch out! Social media is your friend indeed! Facebook is good for expanding visibility of your product, but don't forget the other networks! You have a pretty fantastic product, no reason only Facebook should know about it ;) - Tip, make sure to keep your FB feed up to date and with your latest and greatest, including using catchy images (don't be redundant, people tend to ignore duplication).

Have I mentioned I love your product lineup? 

Best of luck, Shopify friend!! 

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Hey, Jasper!

Peter here from Shopify Support!

For starters, BirdieGolden provided some great advice. They touched on a few points that I would have covered myself! I do have some other suggestions that you can look into which I'll go through in point form below.  

  • I'd look into creating a "Contact Us" page as this not only provides an easily accessible way for your customers to reach out to you, it also helps build the credibility of your site. 
  • Touching on pages, I absolutely love your "Our Crocotale" page, however, I do feel that the font is a bit small. While the text may be easy for you and me to read, it may not be easy for the audience you're going after. For this, I'd recommend bumping it up a few sizes!
  • A quick note on your social media icons found within your footer. I'd recommend getting your Instagram added to this area, as Facebook is looking pretty lonely done there. 
  • Lastly, I'm no expert in what children's toys should be priced, however, I would highly recommend double-checking to ensure your products are competitively priced. If your products are priced too low then that can be a deterrent as people will think they are on the cheaper side, instead of a quality product. You can review your main competition, or Google search the toys to get a ballpark estimate of what an appropriate price is. 

Building a brand does take some time, however as long as your marketing is persistent, and to the right audience it should pay off over time. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend creating a marketing strategy to outline what type of marketing tactics you'll implement, and what goals you wish to reach as a business. 

I hope those suggestions help, however, if you do have any questions then feel free to reply back here and I'll happily help out!

All the best, 

Shopify Support

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thanks so much, BirdieGolden and Peter. I'm so grateful that you both took the time to take a look and help us out. Thanks a lot as well on the compliments, really appreciate it!

I need to process all the changes but they are so helpful in so many ways! Thank you both for the time and the awesome help! You're amazing :D

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