Redesigned store, robust social strategy. No conversions.

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Hey all!

I'm the digital marketing manager for a fitness apparel shop,

Over the past two months, I've worked to take this bare-bones dropshipping shop to what I think is a cleanly designed, SEO friendly e-commerce shop. Our product pages have organized information and clearly assigned images for product variants. 

In addition to the shop, I've built out a social media presence on Facebook (, and an Instagram profile. 

We're getting traffic, as our monthly ad spend is around $1,500 (diversified between social media ads and AdWords), but we haven't received a single conversion. 

Do any of you see issues with the website or have feedback regarding the user experience with the website? ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated. 





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Honestly don’t pay the Spartacus guy $99 when you can get 3-15 different options from people on Fiverr.

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Why not add reviews of items in your store?

It increases sales by giving consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase a product.
So I suggest you can add reviews on items.

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Hey there,

If you're not getting conversions, then customer reviews won't help at all - since there are no customers to review the products.

I like your site, but I think the problem lies with the products you sell. A consumer can purchase the same or similar items at any number of local stores, and not to mention, Amazon. This makes it hard for you to come up with a compelling reason to buy from you. If you can come up with a compelling reason, that will go a long way towards your success.

I hope this helps!


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I will be brutally honest your product selection is pretty poor. A lot of the products on your site were winners years ago so no one is interested in them anymore. The design, product pages, and conversion funnels are good enough but could improve. I think it would be a waste of time to focus on that you should find new and better products. A good app to check out is something like This is what I use (after getting shredded by someone on reddit lol) but it helps me find products to add to my stores (7 of them). So check that out or something just stay away from the mainstream ecomhunt's of the world as you will be in the position you are currently in. Sorry for the bluntness but I want to see people suceeded!

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Hi Chad,

I browsed your store and here is what I think.

The store looks good. The design truly is clean as you say. You have nice pictures and such things. But overall it is just a quite basic theme. If you can afford $1,500  for ads I recommend allocating some of that money for a web designer that will be able to give the store look that will distinguish you from others. 

Still, there are other things you should tweak. 

For example, your homepage is quite long. I recommend keeping the product you offer there to one row per collection. Preferably 3 collections max.

Take a look at your collection pages. The pictures there are really small. I would have to open every single product to actually know what it looks like. If you put 4 products per row it should give you enough space to make the pictures bigger. Also, 20 products per page is quite a lot, you should keep it to 16.

Make your social media links icons and make them open in a new tab. Here is how to do that.

For some of your products, you have color options but you do not have pictures of the products in all the colors.

One of the reasons you don't have conversions may be the fact the people just don't generally make a purchase on the first visit. So you need to bring them back. For that, there are retargeting ads. If you don't know how to make them take a look at this app that creates retargeting ads for Shopify stores.

Hope it helps.