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I'm pretty new here so I many not be understanding how things work. I've intigrated FinerWorks into my store. That's great when they are the ones doing the prints. However I am also offering limited editions and selling some originals. These will be coming directly from me. These require a custom paypal button to direct the buyer to a "Thank You" page and an "OOPS! Sold Out" page. How do I remove the existing paypal button with the new custom button? Or, is there a way to integrate the "Thank You" or "OOPS!" pages into the existing buttons?

My store is: and the page in question is the Limited Edition page.


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Hey, @aart2000 !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying getting started out!


It is great that you have found an integration suitable for your store, one which allows you to showcase your own work and the work of others. It seems like it would work well for your niche.


Regarding the functionality that you are looking for, I'd be interested to learn a little more about how you envision this. Do you have an example that you can show me? I ask as adding a page that displays 'oops' sounds almost like a 404 page or an error page, which I feel could prove a little disconcerting for your customers, particularly during purchase. 

Usually, with dropshipping or custom integrations, you would place the orders as you receive them. This means that you would not usually need to link separate payment options. For example, you could display the PayPal button as is, and manage each order differently once payment has been processed. If it is an order for one of your own pieces, you can receive this payment directly. If it is an order for an item via FinerWorks, you could then pass the payment through to them thereafter.


However, if you would like to separate these options, what you could do is remove the 'add to cart' and dynamic checkout buttons for certain products only and replace these with an email link.





This means that only orders via FinerWorks would be able to proceed to the cart or checkout (and pay via PayPal) while for your own items and custom pieces, payment would then need to be coordinated with you directly.


To set this up, what you can do id first create an alternate template and alternate section. We have info on the steps involved in this Help Center guide here. Following this, you can hide and replace the 'Add to cart' button within the alternate section. 


To also hide the 'Dynamic Checkout' buttons for these products, you can wrap the following code in comment tags too. 


{% if section.settings.enable_payment_button %}
            {{ form | payment_button }}       
          {% endif %}

This sits just below the 'Add to cart' button and should look something like this:



 Once you have this hidden, you can then apply the template to your own custom items (in admin > products) as demonstrated in the guide.

I hope this helps, though do feel free to let me know your thoughts or indeed if you have any questions at all. I am happy to help. 



Katy | Social Care @ Shopify
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