Request for feedback on shopping website in UAE

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Hi everyone

What is the best strategy for designing a multi-country shopping website? Do everyone create separate pages for each country? If that is the case, the same product content will be duplicated for each country. Isn't that a problem?

Please take a look at this online shopping website
This site targets UAE as the primary country but supports other countries as well. Please give your feedback on the multi-country strategy best suited for this shopping website.


Please visit the site and feel free to provide your valuable feedbacks and suggestions.
Thanks in advance

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Hi alicia19,

I just had a look at your website, its really looking great.

Multi-country shopping website is the best choice to the customers to get their products easily. They can chooe their required currency for their shipping. Here is the reference link that may help you for your need, you can get the multi currency converter app here

All the best,
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You have discounts and I have a suggestion for you. Try using Store Clerk plugin, it will give out alerts and help you to sell more.

the link is given below and you can try it out and it's free for now

Store Clerk - Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores - Shopify App Store

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Hi Alicia,

Jan from Sufio here. I've checked your store and it looks professionally designed!

In regards to it being UAE-based, are you aware of their latest tax introduction as of 01 January 2018? In case you decide to look into it, here's a VAT guide for Shopify stores in the GCC that will help you.

If you will be driving a lot of traffic to your store, it is always crucial to have your taxes set right. Feel free to set up UAE taxes in your Shopify store according to this article. 

To generate legal and compliant tax documents for your orders, consider using Sufio, automatic invoices for Shopify. This will make the whole invoicing process for you simpler Alicia.

Hope this helped! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or concerns.

All the best,

Jan, Sufio


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Hello Alicia, 

I have just looked through your site. Seems like you have large inventory thus a large business. You have covered almost all the basics that a website should have but few things that I can mention. First of all there are so many things going on together and not giving any breathing space. So many products in front of my even when I am entering a certain category there are so many brands. Another thing is how a customer contacts without giving their contact information first, so putting on a mail address; a phone no. could be a good idea. Some policies are missing such as shipping policy, refund policy and privacy policy. These factors play important role to build credibility. 

No, you do not have to make new pages for different countries as the language you are using is internationally standard but yes you can convert the price according to the location of an user. 

I hope this help 

Thanks- kaoser