Requesting Feedback on a page and website that doesn't convert

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Hi Shopify Community,

This is my first post and hope I am doing this right and it's received ok. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I feel really stuck and greatly appreciate any feedback.

I started building my website in 2019 and focused on calls to action, request forms, gated and ungated content, etc. and to date get no conversions.

I started writing blogs in January 2020 and linking to Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google myBusiness, Bing. I added a ton of products to my Google myBusiness listings that link to my website and individual pages and I get no conversions. I have a local directory listing service through VistaPrint which I am not sure if it's effectiveness.

I just added products that can be purchased on the website in April 2020 and I get no shopping cart activity, calls or requests at all. I hope that I am close to figuring out what is wrong with my website and products.

I unfortanately don't have much of a budget at the moment, but I am looking at potentially working with an SEO specialist and strengthening my backlinkings and cleaning up some backend stuff...but I don't think that will fix the conversion issue either. I want to focus on the Denver market but can easily sell and support customers nationwide. 

I have been running a google ad and getting the following results over the last month. Once a google ad click gets to the weblink below, there is no type of converson.

16,138 impressions, 67 clicks, 0 calls, 6 map, $79.50 spend

I have been adding new products and writing technology reviews and although my traffic is increasing, bounce rate is decreasing, time on page is increasing, it still results in no conversions at the moment. If you have any ideas or advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration.


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Your business overview is quite confusing, 

How long have you been doing this?


Whats your targets set around on your adds?