Requesting feedback for our Online Meat Shop

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  • Our store link is
  • We launched our Shopify store last week and previously we had a woo commerce store - moved to Shopify with hope. that we can have better mobile usability and Facebook shop 
  • Pls advise your views on our new store and our bounce rate is 55% - pls advise any points to reduce our bounce rate and increase successful conversion.
  • We designed this store from the ground up and given easy social login options on the check out page too, so its easy for people to sign up 
  • I have added a discount coupon - welcome email option 

Kindly give your valuable feedback to increase my store conversion and reduce the bounce rate.

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Hello there, some thoughts.

If I didn't read your title, it would have taken me a second to determine what you are selling. The food pics on the slideshow of your page are cut off and look suggestive, rather than obvious. At first it's like, is it grocery store? A butcher? Restaurant?

Also there are too many gaps at the top of your page with small text, my eyes had to move in intervals to absorb the information, those few seconds alone could lose you a customer.

The mix between pics of raw meat and cooked meat on your site is conflicting. You have to choose one direction to go with what you are selling and what on you want people to know about your business. Do you want customers to purchase cooked or raw food? Maybe it's me but the pic of raw chicken being seasoned looks a bit uninviting, almost like someone is going to season it then eat it that way.

Hope I gave you some helpful critique.