Review and suggestions on my store pls

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i am new to Shopify, I have managed to develop the store . No sales as yet !! Can you please review the store and give suggestions 


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Hi there Punham!

Don here from Shopify. :)

I just wanted to let you know I had moved your query here to our 'feedback on my store' section as you will be more likely to get a useful reply from our community here.

One thing you might want to look into to get visitors engaging with your store could be to add a call to action on your site.

Hopefully, some fellow merchants, partners or other members of our community will have some further advice they can chime in with here from their experiences. :)

All the best!


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You have different types of collections but you have refund policy in checkout page, I suggest you can your refund policy in home page under footer section.
Images are not in good quality, Adding great images is a simple and effective way you can improve your site’s user experience.
Facebook page is not available which you have provided social media icon under menu section, please check it. You can advertise your items on Facebook page, it is also helps to increasing of sales.

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Hey Punam. I browsed your store and have some tips for you.

The top part of your page looks quite empty. The only thing you have there is your logo. If you make the logo more rectangular you could make the empty space smaller. Or preferably think about making the menu different.

You could make multiple level menu. On the top part of the page, you'd have classical row menu with categories like Rings, Earrings, Necklaces etc. After clicking on one of the categories you'd have a second level menu on the left side (where you have the menu right now). There you'd have specifications about the materials like Ruby, Coral, Cat's eye etc. So the visitor could choose that he wants to see the rings you have. And then he could select what kind of stone he wants in the ring. 

It seems you do not have the Facebook page and Blog you have links on your site. You should make the pages or remove the links.

Also, make the links to your social media pages open in new tabs. It will help you keep the visitor's attention on your site. Here is how you can do that.

I can't find pages with information about shipping and return. Before I would make a purchase I would have to know if you ship to my country, how much does it cost and how long will it take. Also, what can I don't in case the product arrives broken or something. You need to create pages for that kind of info. 

I recommend changing the color for quantity number on your product pages. The red color kind of seems like the page is telling me that you don't have the product in stock.

You should also utilize retargeting ads. People usually need more time to think about the purchase than one visit. So you'll see many people leaving the store without making a purchase. But that does not mean they are not interested. They just need more time. Retargeting ads will help you bring back those people when they are ready to make the purchase. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

Hope it helps.