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Hi there

I had run ads for one day and I reach 339 visitors with 12 time add to cart , and 4 checkout session but I don't made a sale I don't know if some wrong with my website or the ads is not preforming .

Please could some help this my store link
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Hi there,


The first thing I noticed on your website, that you are using the pop-up, which prompts almost immediately, I would give it some time to appear. Also, please have a look at the screenshot, you need to add text thereScreenshot_9.png

After some time, another one appears as well. It would be awesome if you could adjust those pop-ups and leave one I guess.


Furthermore, Give it a week at least in order to see the graph and come up with your strong and weak points. I feel like the one day is not enough.


I guess you can move your social icons somewhere here, so your site looks arranged

Без названия.png


Also, I noticed that you are using Social Login from our marketing platform. But you've uninstalled the app incorrectly. Therefore, log in is not working properly. If you would like to make it work, then you need to reinstall the app again. But if you would like to remove the app properly. Please, reinstall the app, go to the dashboard and click "Remove app files from your theme". But if you face any difficulties, please contact our Customer Support team, to resolve the issue fast at


Moreover, you've got some blank area on the product pages, consider fixing/removing it as well


Hope it will be helpful.

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Hi Isa,


I have a ton of questions regarding your ad's target, message, and the landing page you're using.

But besides the feedback you got already, something else:


✅ it's clear what you're selling - watches

✅ you have reviews - double awesome

✅ free shipping, free returns, 12 months warranty - triple awesome


❌ disable the pop-up for now

❌ double check all your website's icons, they don't display properly

❌ the free shipping, free returns, and the warranty are way too important - show them in a more visible way


➕ move the reviews section up, after the product's description

➕ check Google Analytics for what page the non-converters are visiting after they land on your page - if it's the About Us page, then improve that page with the best you have

➕ check your ad's performance in terms of devices (mobile vs. desktop), locations (maybe some countries/cities don't perform at all)

➕ use heatmaps (Hotjar or LuckyOrange) to see how further down your page they scroll + click maps (to see where they click the most = what attracts them the most)

➕ test, test, test, after just 1 day you're expecting sales?? check your previous conversion cycle, maybe they buy after 2-3 visits on the store = then use remarketing > over 80% of the ecommerce sites I've seen, the returning visitors are actually the buyers, few people buy on the first visit

➕ if the previous point is right, and your buyers are only returning visitors, retarget them with a discount - sent via email (this way you'll have their email also)


This is a personal opinion, being a man at shopping I like things clear that don't make me think. I like the below graphic, it's simple and to the point:


Watch Water Resistance ChartWatch Water Resistance Chart


Let me know if my feedback helps just at least a little bit. 👍

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