Review my store please! Also need FB add advice/help.

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I have recently redesigned my print on demand store, but have never used any ads for it. I would like to know if I need to make any improvements or add anything. My store is It is a print on demand store. I currently only have 5 designs but I want to have validation that this will work before I get more.

Also, Facebook will not let me create a business manager, I get an error message and I am not sure why. Also I need to know how to research who I target the ads to.

Hi @sparker3d 


The great thing about print on demand is you can fill your website with images of people smiling and wearing your products. This will give the visitor a great feeling and they can envision themselves wearing your products. I'd add more images like that. Few areas to work on below.

  • Home Page (flow)
  • Product Pages (all information & build trust) 
  • Site Navigation (simple)
  • Checkout Out 
  • Mobile Friendly


This will kill conversions 

If you make people sign up for account before buying the item that will kill your conversions. It's best to set it up so when people buy your product there is a check mark saying they accept marketing that automatically selected. 


Good start. Keep up the good work. If you want a more detailed free review reach out HERE



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Hello @sparker3d!

Let's get through pages of your site!

First, the Home Page. From my perspective, it's very clear & clean, i loved it. But there are still something lack to make a "customer journey map" become fulfill. 

Customer testimonial. I see that you didn't had any yet but in the future, it would be very nice if the customer can see how trustful you are, from the first time they visit.

Fresh Shirt Store 2020-03-11 08-54-59.png


Mobile responsiveness

This is very important due to the trend of using mobile devices to purchase of people around the world. I bet you knew it. Mobile responsive is a minimum requirement for online store today. I found 2 faults here from the picture of first slide, and the display of subscribe form (too wide).

freshshirtstore.com_(iPhone X).png

freshshirtstore.com_(iPhone X) (1).png


Product Page

I liked the way you choose the images and the theme :D But i think that those images should be align much better than this. Here is my suggestion. This kind of layout will make customer easier to see the whole picture of your product. From variants to necessary information, sizes, reviews, suggestion,... The most important is your page speed would be faster on both mobile & desktop.

You Can't Follow Me, You Won't Make It Hoodie 2020-03-11 08-58-30.png


You can see your page speed insight here. The Desktop speed is good, but not quite with the Mobile. You need to optimize more with mobile responsiveness.

PageSpeed Insights 2020-03-11 09-19-55.pngPageSpeed Insights 2020-03-11 09-20-10.png

That's all i can say. The cart & check-out part, just keep all the information clear, and easy to understand. Good luck on your business!


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Hi, @sparker3d!

Sophia here from Shopify. I had a chance to review your redesigned store and it looks great so far! I found it fairly easy to navigate, and I like the concise information on the product pages along with the clear size charts. Here are a few suggestions to help you optimize before investing in paid ads:

  • Add an About Us page and an FAQ page. These pages build trust by helping your customers get to know your brand as well as quickly find information about your products, policies, and procedures. You can link pages like these in the main menu, footer menu, or both for easy access.
  • Customize your store policies. Shopify's default policy page templates contain information that may not be tailored to your business, so it's best to review and revise these pages to suit your store. For example, the refund policy mentions products like CDs, DVDs, and newspapers, which your store doesn't sell. You can remove anything from these pages that doesn't pertain to Fresh Shirt Store.
  • Add your logo. I noticed that your affiliate page includes the FSS logo, but I don't see it anywhere else on your website at the moment. If you would like to display the logo on your store, head to Online Store > Themes > Customize in your admin. The logo can be added to the main pages as well as to the checkout page.

The best way to validate your designs and the products they'll be printed on is to start sharing them and building an audience. If you already have your business set up on social media, you can add links to social pages in the footer of your website.

Your theme settings will allow you to add links for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more under Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme settings > Social media. Have you already started sharing your designs on social media?

I'm also curious to learn more about your product pricing. I noticed that the smaller sizes are less expensive than the larger ones, which absolutely makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint, but it might not be that appealing to customers.

What do you think about making the price for one shirt the same across all sizes? For example, if the largest shirt costs $18.50, consider charging $18.50 for all sizes. Take a look at competitors selling custom shirts to see what they charge as well. I think you can afford to increase your prices for the smaller sizes based on what I've seen.

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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