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Hello Everyone,

I just opened my store and I was wondering what else can I improve in order to drive conversions.
I will be happy to hear your honest opinions and critics.
Thank you!
My website:



Shopify Expert
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Dear @Norbert_Torok


Nice product idea and niche but in order to generate proper sales, you should consider the below:


1) Homepage has alot of "Sale" icons. Have another look now - it can be frustrating for some customers. You dont need that everywhere.
2) There is no "About Us" page which is the most important page on the site. A professional well-written one is very important.
3) Why do you have products below contact us. Not required.

4) Add an email somewhere - customers like to know you can be reachable on email too. 


The logo is so nice, i love it! your store has potential and i would be so happy to help you take it to the next stage. I would make it something like this:


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like support on this. 



-Ali, Your Shopify Expert

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