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Would massively appreciate someone reviewing my store.
Website :

i’m really happy with everything so far..would just like someone to give me their opinion of it, and give me any feedback on what i could improve! do you think there is enough items on there to start marketing? (something i’ve yet to do).
i’ve used my mobile only to create the store, and think i’ve done a fairly good job considering that!
My domain i will be purchasing in the next day or two so no problem about that

Many thanks in advance, Matt.

Store link :
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Hello Matt,

I'm a newbie also and just opened my first store in the fitness niche, so  ANY feedback will also be appreciated.


Here are some feedbacks for you:

1. I like the large image of the baby because it puts the focus on who you're selling for and what the store is about, so good work there.

2. The color scheme is soft and appropriate for a baby store.

3. The "view now" button I think should be "shop now" and perhaps a different color to help it stand out more from the background colors.

4. You need better images for the playmats and throws/blanket. The image for the playmat just looks like the baby is stepping on the floor, I didn't see the playmat you are selling. The image for the throws/blankets is blurry, so not really clear.


Overall, the feel and look are nice.


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Hi Matt


Few things to work on. 


Home Page: Needs to flow better. Featured Products have never really worked for me. I would set it out like this. 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List 
  • Something Interesting ( Image with text ) 
  • Newsletter Sign Up ( Be creative ) 
  • Popular Products ( 2 Max ) I normally recommend 4-8 put you don't have many products 
  • Testimonials 


Checkout: Your checkout isn't consistent with your website. 

  • Add Logo 


FAQ's Page: You haven't added anything 

  • Add Q&A


Keep up the good work. I'm also about to email you something that should really help you out. 



Clayton Bates 

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Hi there, Really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given me.
I’ve now changed the ‘view now’ button to ‘shop now’ and i agree, it does look better so thanks for that!
The images i will also change when i get home later, i do agree that the playmat image is slightly not relevant to the collection so i will be sure to change that, and could you recommend the simplest and easiest place to get free images?
i always look around, but every website i find either has its own brand name on the image (do you think that would matter? i think it would) or like you said, it ends up being blurry, etc..
I really appreciate all of your help again, I will be sure to review your store and give you feedback as soon as possible!

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Hi Clayton, great that you are able to get back to me!
Regarding the layout of my website, i do agree certain things i could move/change. The current theme i am using, Debut, unfortunately doesn’t have a ‘popular products’ section to instead of that i’m going to perhaps add a ‘featured collection’ ? let me know how that sounds.

My checkout, i thought looked good, when i try to add my logo to the checkout, it has a white box around it which doesn’t make it look very good or professional at all, that’s why i’ve left it as it is, and my FAQ i will be sure to complete this page this evening and have it complete.

Again, I really appreciate all of the feed back you’ve given me.


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For free images without copywriting issues
1. Go to the search bar on google chrome
2. Type in google images
3. Type the images you want (baby blankets or throws etc)
4. Go to tools (next to setting), usage rights, labeled for reuse

The list of images that appear will be free so you are free to use them on
your site without issues in the future as your business grows. It's never a
good idea to use images with brands.

Additional sites for free images include Pixabay, Unsplash, Pixel. You can
also find free images right within Shopify where you upload your images.

Another very helpful tool is You can do amazing
things with the images you have to enhance them.

Hope this helps.