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Hi @StudioAllure welcome to Shopify family,

I hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share,

1.  I think the addition of video to a landing page increases conversations by 80%. evaluate your competitor’s websites after browsing through a few of their websites, compare your findings to your own site.
2. Branded video content is likely to take over consumers who are 300% most likely to watch a video about a product rather than read a description. Add a section of frequently brought/suggested items this will increase the product value and it will be reviewed as well.
3. Bigger images in your catalouge view product list with bigger images and hidden description can increase sales and will add brand value to your products. Ensure that every product has large images in the product view that zoom to fill the browser window.
4. The addition of most viewed or most liked sections on your homepage will significantly increase the percentage of gallery review. Engaging the audience by writing blogs with better titles and promoting them on various social media platforms will be helpful.
5. Ask your customers to rate your products as this will help build trust and loyalty for the brand.
6. You need to create urgency and social proof on your store for that adding visually attractive stickers like a number to products left, upcoming sales, In trend will grab the attention and excite the customer. (Attaching one of your product image as a reference)
I hope this helps!


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Hey there, @StudioAllure

Getting traffic is fantastic, but if the sales aren’t growing, then there’s definitely room to improve. The good news though is that you’re already on the road there!  You’ve put a lot of hard work into the store, and it shows.


  • Banner: Simplify your text a bit. Something like “Grand opening sale - 10% off” would be more eye-catching. Consider making it for all purchases instead of just those over £40. You don’t want to lose a sale because they are turned away by the promotion.
  • Hero image: Focus on one image rather than multiple, and don’t forget the call to action button! Test with different combinations of text and images, and use heatmaps, which shows where people click and scroll,  to see which combination is more effective.
  • In general, use heatmaps to see how far people scroll and where they’re clicking. Do they click on your products lower on the homepage, or do they click on your main navigation? All of that will be helpful as you update your website.
  • Remove the Contact Us information from your homepage and let it reside in the footer and Contact Us page. 
  • Blog: Take it off the homepage. It’s likely that people aren’t scrolling very far on your homepage, and if they are, they may not be clicking on it at this point. 
  • Since you want an international audience, make sure you include a currency localization option! 



  • Latest news: Take out the summary/text. It pushes your footer to be much taller than needed. Link the image. 
  • Terms of Service: Link your email address.
  • Privacy Policy: Link the URLs and email address mentioned.
  • Shipping Policy: Make sure you have a linked email address in there (since you mention “contact us” several times). Also, clarify a few areas. I was concerned by your phrase that says, “In case you want to order multiple items please contact us so that they can be shipped together.” If I were a visitor, I would be very confused by that statement. 
  • Sizing chart: I love that you have this, but I am again confused. You mention that the clothing is to fit the “below body measurements” but then highlight that “these are measurements of the cloth and not body measurements.” Which one is it?
  • Contact us: Link your email address, and take out of the phone number field in the form. Asking for a phone number typically has a higher abandonment rate. Make sure you use a live chat to help people while they are still on your website. 



I like the simplicity of your navigation here. Use heatmaps to see where people click, including on those drop-downs. You may be able to move some of those Home drop-downs to the footer. 

Also, use session recordings (which act like a DVR for your website) to watch people navigate across your store. You can filter it by different behavior (i.e., checked out or not) and source. 


Collection Pages

  • Add in filters for things like price, color and size. Help your customers find their perfect clothes! 
  • Be mindful of your product names. A lot of them have too many keywords in them. Instead, give them a unique name that lets your visitors find it quickly. Keyword stuffing isn’t advisable.


Product Pages

For reference, I’m on the page for Four buttoned embroidered chikankari short beach cover up, kaftan ,sun dress. 

  • Avoid calculating shipping costs in check out only. Customers don’t like surprises. 
  • Which size is it? You have a great sizing chart, but you mention several different international sizes as well. Is it EU size? European size? US size? 
  • For your “Buy it now” button, make the font color stand out a bit more. The blue doesn’t stand out much on my screen. 
  • Link to your sizing chart. You mention it but don’t link to it.
  • Add in a reviews option for your products!  

In general, your site is really on the right track! It just needs visitor behavior to help you see what your visitors experience and what’s stopping them from checking out. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month. 

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers -

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