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Hi Team,


I've made some major changes to my shopify store. I will be uploading more High definition product photos  I feel like it's still incomplete but would like more tips and hints on how to keep improving it please! 


All feedback is excepted :) 





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Hi rahulissar,

  • I can't see any email, phone number, or address on the contact us page.
  • The footer section needs to be redesigned.
  • The about us page has a very small content. I recommend to update with more content, what is the motivation doing this, why you are doing it. Share your native photos of your store and team.
  • You have a newsletter box which is great. But I would recommend adding a discount code to entice your visitor to give an email address.
  • I really like the Instagram integration towards the end of the page as this shows that your store is current and active.
  • I recommend adding customer reviews to your homepage, so your store look more trustworthy.
  • I suggest removing the trust seals on each product page. They don't help your brand. I recommend putting these seals in the footer.
  • I suggest adding a related product list, it helps to improve cross sales and increase session duration.

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