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I have this store for almost 5 months. I spend lot of money on redesigning and advertising on Facebook. I never made a Penny and i don't have almost no traffic but now i'm totally broke. And i don't want to just let it go. Any suggestions please. I just hired a Shopify Expert who did all this:

Bellow are proposal features  : 
1. We will customize existing theme or pick good theme which is more customer friendly as per your product category.
2. UX strategy and UI design.
3. Create custom section so you can easily manage for Home page or inner pages. 
4. Creating product widgets with Up-sell/Cross-Sell, New Arrivals, Featured products , Best sellers etc.,
5. Design using Conversion-rate optimization.
6. Graphics, Color, Visual weight, Typefaces ( fonts) and images are selected properly. 
7. Page-Speed Optimization and Cross Browser Compatibility.
8. Decreased bounce and exit rates using Optimonk app.
9. Optimize Thankyou and Order Confirmation pages.
10. Navigation menu, categories & sub categories styling.
11. Blog and Informative Pages Styling and Customization.
12. We will create a specific aesthetics withe catalogs, graphic design to the store mood.
13. Email Marketing Campaigns using Klaviyo/Ominsend app for: 
-Abandoned cart alerts
- Welcome messages
- Promotional messages
-  New product launches
- Back in stock notifications
14 Special Coupon offer for first signup and make customers understand about the product.
15. Nice to have free apps will be added to improve conversions.

TIMELINE : 1 to 2 weeks 

Look fwd to start work on your approval.

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Hi there, it seems like you are under a lot of pressure for yourself to create some revenue and profits from the time and money you have spent for your business. I recommend taking a break for a bit to recoup some of your expenses and then take a look at going back into dropshipping. My advice in regards to the specialist you hired would be that its always best to diversify your outsourcing. Putting all of these on a single person gives leeway for said expert not providing the best work. Spending individual money on outsourcing Marketing then spending on redesigning and separating the individuals that work for you can give you a greater success rate. If you are still struggling on the advertising I recommend you reach out to me at where I can help assist you in the creation of successful and high converting ecommerce ads. All of this however I recommend doing after you have taken a break to recoup your expenses. Best of luck with everything and please feel free to reach out whenever you feel stuck!

Dear Sim04,


Please start from here low budget $129 USD, then do the fb and google shopping ads.

Best Regards
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Hey @Simo4 


Can you share the link to your store? Maybe the community can help you out in some ways you can optimize your store without paying more money to the expert.


Let me know. 

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Thanks for your feedback. Here is my store

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Sorry man but sometimes you recieve what you pay for. Seems a lot of work to be done for $350. If it's done by an expert, I estimate the amount of work to 10 hours, which would be $1000 atleast for a professional ux/ui designer.
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I think in this stage, you need an assistant to help you communicate with visitors who surf the shop and see some products but don't buy from you in their first session.


Whether they have added some products to their cart or left the shop without many interactions, you may like to send a message to them and ask them to come back to buy, sometimes with a coupon code!


BestPush is a smart web push notification tool that sends the shop visitors personalized messages, containing their most interesting products and sometimes the minimum discount possible, to convert them into buyers!


It uses AI and machine learning to analyze the visitors' interactions with your shop to find out who is price sensitive and who is not. 

Check it out here:


I hope you find it helpful!


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@Simo4 You website has got beautiful products, I found nothing bad expect the fact that the customer takes buying decision in a few seconds. You have very less time to convince the customer to take action. So it's very much important to think from the customer's point of view. Despite having great products they are not catchy, I found labels, badges and stickers to be missing that converts visitors to customer. You might want to have a look at this blog now it would work if you are struggling to convert your visitors. If you have a concern driving traffic to your site then the given technique would work however you'll have to have a visibility on Google's 1st Page by either SEO organically or Adwords paid ads.

Hope this works. Thank You.


We really appreciate all of the feedback that I’ve seen in this thread. Sales can be really hard to get and, because of that, it’s good to know what other business owners in the Shopify community have had work for them. We will definitely use a lot of this advice in our own journey to help clients build websites that people will want to purchase from in the future. Thanks!
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Perfect! Best of Luck