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Hi guys – I’m seeking some free SEO advice of you if possible 😊. We’re a UK vape retailer, with a fairly decent authority website, we migrated from Magento 1 to Shopify plus 12 months ago. I’m very confident on the quality of content we produce and we’re active on link building. Overall have seen decent traffic growth albeit a few dips (following algo updates) etc etc.


One of our core categories is e-liquid and is the one page we are struggling to rank for. It creeps up to P2 in the Google SERPs for a few days and drops back, and has minimal visibility in Bing. This is the page we are trying to rank for - and I must add is a relatively new page, we added to our site about 4 months ago. Our original page also struggled to rank, so we created the new page as the main landing page for e-liquids with better interlinking to the sub-categories of e-liquid and related guides. The original collection page is still live, so customers can view the full range of liquids but the canonical points to the new page. We have also updated old redirects to the new page.


I don’t expect anyone to delve to much into this, but if you can spare 5 mins to see if there is anything glaringly obvious it would be hugely appreciated.

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Well, you did it

I just need to work out whether that eliquids collection is metafields driven or headless/workers.

Either way, it's running from the main authority collection page and I salute that work. I watch your SEO closely, even down to the dofollow link over the membership page for the logo link on the UKVIA site. Astute