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Here is my store

ive made ads but they arent successful. so i feel like should i change my niche or what


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Hi Abbe,

Before you change your niche, here's what I'd consider first:

  1. For how long have you had your website? Success doesn't happen overnight, as I'm sure you already know.
  2. What kind of marketing are you doing besides ads?
  3. How many ads are you running? What are you trying to target (including demographics) and what do the ads look like?
  4. How did you pick this niche? Are you passionate about the products you're selling?
  5. How many sales have you had so far? What has the general feedback been?

Of course, there are more questions that can be asked, but I would start there. If you're not passionate about the niche, if there isn't a market for it (although, to be honest, there's a market for everything), or if you feel you'd do better working with a different niche, then I would switch. If not, I would focus on the technical elements of your store and see how you can improve from there.

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 Thanks for the fast reply 

1. For some months now.

2. ive only worked with Fb ads and im comfortable there so i want to keep working at that area. But ive been consider mail marketing but obviously i need to get sign ups.

3. I ran one an ad recently wich went bad with no sales. I targeted people who liked: Travel, love travel 

Narrowed it down to REI and The north face and then narrowed it down to engaged shoppers and narrowed it down to people who have friends ( Men ) that have birthday in 1 week. audience size: 620k.

4. The choice was not from passion instead i saw a store in exchange shopify which had this products 

The stores is obviously getting there customer from there instagram 

the store had sell unbelievable amount ( one month it did about 2 mil)

5. Literelly 0 sales.