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I get visitors but no sales (, any suggestions. Email:

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Dear eagle1,


Congratulation for your store. Hope following suggestion will help you.


1. Company / Business Logo Should be there

2. All Banner design need to Improve

3. Make login or create account optional , use guest checkout

4. Add faqs

5. You need to High hight your UVP ( Unique Value Proposition )

6. Header and Footer Area need to Improve

7. Overall Font, Color, Spacing, Alignment need to adjust

8. Trust badges should be on the home page like 100% Authentic products, Easy return, etc

9. Add Product Review should be there

10. You have missed these product features

11. There are more

Best Regards
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Hello Eagle,


I'll need a bit more information to be able to put a finger on the cause of particular issue you're facing.


What is the source of your traffic? Ads or search? Have you done Search Engine Optimization for your website?

How do you do your customer targeting for Ads, and on what platforms?

How long do your visitors stay on the site, and what pages do they stay longest on? Do you rearrange your storefront to reflect this?

Do your customers add your products to cart and then abandon the carts?


If you start looking into these questions, I expect you'll learn something important about your problem.


I am happy to help you dig in.


PS: Do you use an analytics tool, like Google Analytics? It can help you answer many of the question I've asked.

You might also want to look into a Social Recommendations tool like Rendezvous Recommends that can help you close sales by helping customers

receive recommendations from their friends on your products that they show interest in.



Rendezvous is AI-powered social recommendations engine - enabling customers to discover products on merchant stores and leading to higher conversion rates.
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Hi @eagle1 ,

I can see that you have information about shipping, Returns & Refunds, which are all very important to have and increase trust with shoppers. I had a quick look at your store and some of the pages and noticed that you have wonderful collection of products.


Here are some ideas you might want to consider or look at that could help getting more sales :

1) You can add Instagram feed for promotions.

2) Customer testimonials should be added as they increase customer trust.

3) Favicon should be added as it's makes your store identical.

4) You may want to think about adding product reviews. Reviews are essential for any Ecommerce store as it helps sell more and creates immediate trust with shoppers. Be sure to check out our review app. 


You can read more about our app here. And also see some of our display widgets in action on our demo site.


Hope above points will help you drive more sales :)


Kind regards,

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